You’re a Gem Decal Valentine

Let’s face it. Valentines can get super cheesy pretty quickly. When I got out of early elementary, Valentine’s Day started becoming a little embarrassing for me because I couldn’t handle the cheesiness. I have softened up a bit over the years. Now I embrace the cheese with open arms with my own little family, but I can appreciate a good, non cheesy valentine any day. I wanted to create a valentine that would be great for older kids to give their friends that was cool and had something useful attached instead of just a piece of candy.

You're a Gem vinyl decal valentine on

Older kids and teenagers love decals! They can stick them on their phones, car windows, notebooks, walls, desks… you name it, I stuck a decal or sticker on it when I was a teenager. This valentine has a fun saying, but also gives the recipient a decal that can be used to personalize something and is totally on trend right now. [Read more…]