Summer Swim Essentials

I know that most of you probably don’t know me personally, but I will let you in on a little secret that most people who do know me personally know… I LOVE water parks! I have never lived close to a water park, so going to a water park was always a special event for me. I love to swim, I love to float around in the lazy rivers, and to go down water slides. To me, water parks represent everything that summer should be! In our area, we have a pretty sweet YMCA that has a nice indoor swimming facility with a small lazy river and one water slide. It seems silly, but I am so excited to have that nearby!

I love finding new swimwear each year. I grew up absolutely hating swimming suit shopping. It is sad that I felt that way from such a young age. All of my insecurities would come when I would try on bathing suits. The older I have gotten, the more I have realized that being insecure in a swimming suit should be the least of my worries. I remember going to a water park when I was in high school and seeing a mom there who was pretty overweight, but it didn’t keep her from flaunting her body in a bathing suit and playing with her kids. I don’t think that anyone there would have judged her for the way she was shaped in that moment. I was so impressed with her confidence and her willingness to get in and play! I wanted to be just like that when I became a mom.

I have learned a lot about my body over the years. I have learned what types of suits fit me well and make me feel confident while I am in them. I have always loved Lime Ricki swimwear! I own three of their suits and I added another one to my bathing suit collection this year!

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Slimming Down for Summer

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This week is my birthday. That means it seems to be a week of eating out for lunches with friends, eating dinner with family, and cake at home. NOT good on my plans to slim down for summer and for Alt Conference coming up next week. Thankfully, Slimfast is helping me keep it all under control while still making me feel like I am celebrating my birthday week in a special way.

Slimfast Have Your Cake Meal Bar

I can celebrate my birthday week with a little birthday cake themed pampering session, along with the perfect protein meal bar. This new Have Your Cake… flavored Slimfast meal bar literally tastes just like birthday cake! I kid you not, I actually look forward to eating this delicious bars.

Slimfast Have Your Cake Protein Meal Bars


These protein meal bars are part of the 14 Day Slimdown that is designed to help me lose up to 6 pounds in the first 2 weeks. All you have to do is swap two meals a day with a Slimfast protein shake or meal bar, eat a third meal that is 500 calories, have three 100 calorie snacks, don’t exceed 1200 calories each day, and do 30 minutes of exercise. It is the perfect way to jump start your summer slim down!

Slimming Down for Swimming Suit Season

These bars are also the perfect thing to put in my beach bag this summer. They can keep me feeling slim in my swimming suit, while feeling full.

Getting Swimming Suit Ready with Slimfast

I have been eating these protein meal bars for 3 days now and I already feel slimmer. I feel like I get the best of both worlds. I get the yummy goodness of cake and I get to slim down in time for Alt Conference and swimming suit season.

Delicious Slimfast Cake flavored bars

Don’t mind me! I’ll just be enjoying my birthday cake flavored bars everyday this week as my own little birthday celebration!