Be True: Postpartum Depression After Miscarriage

I know I have been pretty distant for a while. I have been here enough that most of you probably didn’t even notice, but I have heard from many of you who noticed the distance. I am normally the type that likes to keep a pretty consistent schedule with my blog. I like to know what is coming up and I think that readers appreciate that as well.

After my miscarriage, I decided I wanted to make my life a little more of the focus of this blog. I didn’t want it to be a bunch of posts about what I am doing day to day (that is what Snapchat is for), but I did want to do at least one post a month with a life update of sorts so that I could involve my family more. The miscarriage happened in November/December (you can read about it in my miscarriage post) and I took some time off after that. I took the time and came back to blogging at the end of January. Things were going pretty well, then BAM! All of a sudden I was hit with zero desire to do anything. This happened in about the end of March. March consisted of me not getting ready for the day, not caring what I ate, and feeling tired all of the time. I thought that I must be pregnant. In fact, I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. I assumed that was it! Then came that time of the month, another pregnancy test, and this one was negative.Learning from Life Experiences on

I wasn’t as sad about as I thought I would be. I realized that I didn’t really feel anything at all. I wasn’t sad about anything, I wasn’t happy about anything, I just wasn’t anything. [Read more…]