My new favorite way to save money

I am a cheapo. I am not afraid to admit it. The problem is that I also have kind of expensive taste. Maybe that is why I am such a DIY girl. I like things to look nice, but I can’t get myself to spend the amount of money that most places charge for the things that I like. I went through a small coupon phase, but it was WAY too time consuming. Don’t get me wrong, if I get a good coupon, I WILL use it. After spending time clipping coupons that I wasn’t using, I realized that wasn’t the answer for me. I gave up trying to save money all together. I would shop at just one store and be okay with it.

Then I realized how much money I was spending. I couldn’t do it. My penny pinching blood would boil when I would get to the register and the cashier would tell me how much I owed. I started looking at ads and would drive around to different stores to get the best deals on things. I was really excited when Walmart announced that they would price match competitor prices when they were advertised. I used that often. Then I moved and my life changed a lot.

I no longer had all of the different stores I was accustomed to. I had to make special trips to go to those stores and that meant that I didn’t have the time to drive around to different stores and I didn’t get the newspaper with the ads that I would use to price match with. Thankfully, right about the same time I moved, I was introduced to the greatest app of all time!

Drumroll please…

Walmart Savings Catcher! You guys! This app totally blows my mind! How it works, is you shop at Walmart and buy all of the things that you need. You don’t worry about what the other stores are selling these items for, you just buy what you need and you don’t waste your time driving around town all day. After you buy everything, you open up the Walmart Savings Catcher app and scan your Walmart receipt. The app checks the competitor’s printed ads for the identical products and if any of the competitors have a cheaper price listed than what Walmart sold their product for, you get the difference! Walmart seriously didn’t need to do this, but they did and it is amazing!

I love that when I have used it, I have seen a few items that were cheaper at other stores and I know that I will get the difference of those items. I also really love it when there aren’t cheaper prices too because it is a nice reminder that Walmart has my back! They really do have awesome prices everyday.

I have really missed having two Walmart stores within a 15 minute drive. Often times, I would go there every single day because I would realize I had forgotten something and would go grab it. It wasn’t a big deal at all. There were even days that I would go more than once. Now it is an hour drive! I have to plan out my life a little more because I can’t just drive there when I forget something. That is just another reason why I love knowing that Walmart has my back and will either have the lowest price around, or will give me the difference if another competitor has advertised a cheaper one! Seriously, Walmart Savings Catcher will change your life!

Walmart wants everyone to know about their new app and they are giving away a HUGE prize to one lucky person who shares the Savings Cater app with their friends! They are giving away a $2,000 Walmart shopping spree! All you have to do, is go HERE and enter your email address. It will give you a link that you can share with your friends and for everyone who clicks on that link and signs up to share, you will be entered in the contest!

Have you tried the Walmart Savings Catcher app yet?

The time I lost over $900 got it back.

All photos were taken by the talented Ann of Cliq Photography.


God is real. He listens and answers prayers. I have seen his loving hand make itself known throughout my life. I have had incredible experiences that have strengthened my testimony that there is a Father in Heaven who really loves me. Those experiences have all been somewhat small, but have always meant a lot to me. Even my smallest answered prayer to find my keys or to be able to put my mind at ease so I can fall asleep has meant a lot to me and has given me the knowledge that he really is there and that he loves me.

This especially was the case when I lost $920 last week. We don’t use our debit card for very much. We choose to use cash for almost everything we need during the month because it keeps us more responsible about our budget and where my husband only gets paid once a month, it is our way to stay accountable so we have money for what we need all month long. Because we are in the middle of a move and have lived in two places for 4 weeks, we have had to budget a lot more money than we usually do. Typically we are able to live on much less cash than $940, which is exactly what I took out for this month.

Last Monday, I went to the bank and took out the $940 and put the envelope in my purse. [Read more…]