Casual Boho Outfit

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This summer has been a hot one! I have quickly learned that dresses and skirts help me stay cool more so than shorts do. I love when I can find a skirt that I can still move around in freely while staying cool too. I have my new favorite summertime outfit!

Casual Patriotic Boho Outfit on [Read more…]

RubyClaire Boutique Giveaway!

Today is an exciting day! RubyClaire Boutique just announced the launch of their new line that they collaborated with Cara of Maskcara on! It is so fun to see the different pieces of clothing that Cara chose for this collection. I have spent time with Cara a few times and after seeing each of the items, they all fit Cara really well. She has great style! Check out the full Maskcara Collection for RubyClaire Boutique!


I just purchased a few items from the boutique myself and I can’t wait to show you what I got! In honor of this big launch, RubyClaire is giving away three $100 credits to their store! [Read more…]

MaskCara Beauty Event

 Photo credit: Shannon Elizabeth


Every once and a while, I have a “pinch me” moment because of an opportunity that I get because of blogging. I had one of those moments when I was invited to attend a beauty event to celebrate MaskCara’s new makeup line. I was surrounded by some of the most amazing, influential social media savvy women in the entire world that night. We got mini makeovers, ate delicious food, and had girl talk until we felt like we had known each other for ages.


The event was held at Image studios in Salt Lake City. As a cosmetologist, I have seen my fair share of salons, but I have never in my life seen one more beautiful than this place. It was mind blowing!

My favorite makeover of the night, was hands down Alycia’s. She was gorgeous before, but after a little coaxing from Michelle Money, Alycia got eyebrows!



Isn’t that change unbelievable? I always, ALWAYS talk about the power of eyebrows and this is just a testament to that. Everyone needs eyebrows. Laura is the artist behind these beauties and this was her reaction when she saw how Alycia’s eyebrows turned out. I seriously probably could have kissed her too!


Things got a little weird there for a minute when we started bonding over nose hairs, or the lack there of.


But nothing made us feel more beautiful than when Vivian and Cara got their hands on us and worked their magic.



Seriously, you guys. If you don’t already own MaskCara’s HAC pack, do yourself a favor and buy it right this second. The ability to highlight and contour while covering your blemishes is incredible.


This is one event I find myself thinking about time and time again. It was a really beautiful night and I am so grateful for the opportunity that I had to go and be around such amazing human beings.


You can watch a video about this fun event and a tutorial to show you how to use Maskcara’s makeup HERE!

Big, HUGE, thank you’s to Mint Arrow, MaskCara, and Michelle and Laura for all of your hard work in planning this event!