Awakening Citrus Shower Steamers

Do you like the idea of bath bombs, but can’t handle the thoughts of taking a bath? Shower steamers are going to be your new favorite thing! Shower steamers are basically bath bombs, for showers. They don’t have all of the extra products that are used for your skin, but they are made to create the perfect aromatherapy in the shower. I have some really great shower steamer recipes in the works, but I wanted to start out with a favorite of mine. These awakening citrus shower steamers are made for those early morning showers that you just can’t seem to get your body to wake up for!

Awakening Citrus Shower Steamers

The incredible citrus scents make your senses wake up and help you get ready to take on a big day. I also love that this citrus makes the entire bathroom smell fresh and clean! These shower steamers are insanely easy to make and are made with very few ingredients. Here is what you will need… [Read more…]

Dealing with the winter blues

Seasonal depression is a real thing. It is something that I have experienced firsthand on occasion. This winter has been a much different experience though. We are living in a city where the snow just doesn’t come down like it did in southeast Idaho. The winter has been really mild and it has been very refreshing for me to experience! Although I haven’t experienced full on seasonal depression like I have in the past, I have gotten a little of the “winter blues”. I have learned a few tricks that help me feel a lot better when I start feeling down with the winter blues.

The thing that makes me the most depressed in the winter is the lack of movement my body gets. I have found that if I continue to make exercise a priority during the winter months, I don’t feel as glum. My body continues to get exercise, even though I am not going outside to go for walks and taking my daughter to the park. I have found a lot of workouts that I enjoy doing inside, so I can stay comfortable inside while getting a good workout.

Staying hydrated on

Something that goes hand in hand with exercise that I have also felt like is really helpful is the amount of water that I drink. I naturally drink more water during the summer. I feel thirsty more often when it is hot outside, so I tend to forget to drink it during the winter. I have to force myself to remember to drink water throughout the day. Drinking water is good for your overall health, but I also feel like it just helps me personally feel like all of those toxins are flushing out of my system and it helps me feel happier.

Essential oils help boost my mood as well. I like to rub uplifting oils on the bottoms of my feet and on my wrists. It took me a little while to be converted to essential oils, but I really do think they can help boost my mood throughout the winter.

Aromatherapy Venta Airwasher on

I also really like aromatherapy to help my home feel happier. I use the [Read more…]