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I remember when my family got our first printer. It was really big and we had to use the printer paper with the holes in the sides of it that were all connected together in order to use it. The thing I remember most about it was how loud it was! It was loud and it seemed to take forever to print anything in black and white. Printers have come a long way since then. I love having the ability to print in color, at my house, without fancy paper, and in seconds! Technology is a beautiful thing! The only thing that has kept me from printing a lot of the things I would like to is the ink. I hate going to the store to buy more ink! It is an unexpected expense that I seem to have to make a special trip to the store for. There have been numerous times that I have wanted to print something, but decided against it because it would use too much ink. Have you ever found yourself saying things that you know that your own mother said word for word? I remember my mom telling me I couldn’t print something because it would use too much ink. These exact words seem to escape from my lips every, single day with my daughter.

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Watch the video all about our HP Instant Ink journey and how it will change everything for us now that we will never run out of ink.

To celebrate the ability to print out whatever we want, I made a fun summer hunt preschool activity printable!

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I don’t have to tell my daughter that printing out activities would take too much ink anymore! She has loved printing out her games that she plays online and I have loved printing off different preschool activities for us to do together, like this summer hunt.

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5 Amazing Outdoor Summer Activities and Games for Kids

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Today, you get another little dose of me! I will be sharing five awesome outdoor games that are great for kids to play this summer! My husband teaches sixth grade and has to teach P.E. once a week. He helped me find some activities that kids will love to do with their friends this summer. Please note that not all of these are original ideas from him, but I have no way of knowing who to credit for a few of them.

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#1 Crab Soccer- This can be played with only 2 people or entire soccer teams. Split into teams and play a “normal” game of soccer walking in a crab walk the whole time. You can hit the ball with your hands or feet. The game ends when either the time runs out or the winner gets to a predetermined score.

#2 Gorilla Ball- You need a rubber kickball for this game. This can be played with 4 or more people. Use a space that you can imagine being like a football field with two end zones on both ends. The objective is to get the kickball into your end zone to score. The only way to move the ball is by throwing it to your teammate(s). When you have the ball, you can’t move your feet at all. You must pass the ball. The other team can move around and can intercept the ball when it is being thrown. If the ball falls to the ground or if you move your feet while you have the ball, the ball goes to the other team. Play until time runs out or when one team gets to a predetermined score.

#3 Rock, Paper, Scissors tag- Two people face each other. Choose safe zones 15 feet behind each player. To start, players play rock, paper scissors. The loser of rock, paper, scissors has to run to their safe zone before the other player tags them. If you get to the zone, you get a point. If you get tagged by the other person before you get to your safe zone, they get a point. The first to 5 points wins.

#4 Ninja Destruction- Play this with 3 or more people. Stand in a circle with your hands in the middle touching each other. To start, yell “ninja destruction”. When that phrase is yelled, everyone jumps back and lands in a ninja stance. A designated person (ninja) then makes one fluid motion trying to chop at another ninja’s arm. In defense, the other ninja can make one fluid motion to get out of the way of the ninja chop. If you are hit anywhere from shoulder to finger, that arm is out and goes behind your back. Whether you are hit or not, it becomes your turn to attack a ninja in the group. Game continues like that. Once both of your arms are hit, you are out and have to leave the circle. Game goes until there is only one ninja left, making that person the ultimate ninja.

#5 Samurai Warrior- You need a pool noodle or a soft sword or stick for this game. Can be played with 2 or more people. One person holds the sword and is called “the warrior”. The other players stand shoulder to shoulder facing the warrior. The warrior then chooses to swipe the “sword” horizontally either above the shoulders or below the waist. If the warrior swipes the sword side to side above the shoulders, they must duck. If the warrior swipes the sword side to side below the waist, they must jump. If the player does the wrong move, they are out. Warrior can swipe fast or slow to try to trick the players. Play goes until only one player remains. They then become the warrior in the next round.

I hope that these games help keep your kids entertained this summer! They are some of the sixth graders’ favorites!

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