I Heart Dad Onesie

I am SO excited for Father’s Day this year! It is Dave’s first “official” Father’s Day. I got him a big present a while ago that was a combined present for a few holidays, but I wanted to do something inexpensive that would still make him feel special. When I saw this post over on Expressions Vinyl, I knew that is what I needed to do.
Harper baby is going to wear this on Sunday with a cute little jean skirt. I think it is going to be so cute! I am so happy with how it turned out and it was the easiest thing ever. I was able to find these shapes and cut them out on my vinyl cutter with t-shirt vinyl. The post I talked about earlier gives you exact details. Doesn’t this shirt look just like Dave?
It cracks me up how much it looks like him! What are you guys doing for the dads in your life?
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Enclosed Porch Makeover: Painting and Stenciling TILE!

Ah! You guys. I did something totally crazy in my enclosed porch makeover.
Covered Patio Makeover copy
Do you guys remember my ugly “before” tile?
Hello, nasty! Let me take you back a little bit and tell you a little story of how I thought to do what I did to this tile. When I was at Snap Conference, I went to some AMAZING classes. At one of those classes, Mandi from Vintage Revivals who I BEYOND adore, talked about making your house, YOUR OWN! The entire conference was themed “Just Be You”. Mandi talked about how important it is that you love your house for what it is and not worrying about what future home buyers think. It is your house and you need to love living there. That got my wheels spinning. That is when I went to another totally awesome class. This time, it was given by Melanie from Royal Design Studio. This lady is a total stencil ninja. That was a comment in the class. I was sitting next to Cassity from Remodelaholic during the class when I had this idea and I asked her what her thoughts were. She said it sounded awesome and she gave me a few tips. Well, that is all I needed before I decided it was time to take the plunge and makeover my enclosed patio. This ENTIRE makeover has been centered around the FLOOR. I know that is kind of a weirdie focal point, but it is what it is!

Can you even believe it is the same room? It is going to be so amazing when I get the trim up and furniture in (once I get furniture! That is for a later post).

Here is what I used…
Behr Porch and Patio Floor Paint
Behr Paint and Primer in One
Behr Low Lustre Sealer
No, this project was NOT sponsored by Behr. I went to Home Depot and that is the brand they had. I WISH this had been sponsored by them!
First, I was sure to tape off all of my walls so that I wouldn’t get any of the floor paint on my freshly painted walls.
Then, I lightly sanded my tile with a sanding brick and swept all of the dirt and junk off of the floor. At this point, my heart was beating fast. It was beginning to be the moment of truth. I went into the other room and grabbed the floor paint. I had this tinted to “Cement Gray” by Martha Stewart Living.
houndstoothtile3msl cement gray
Now it was the moment of truth. Was about to ruin this tile that was doing just fine doing its job as being tile? I could always just turn back and forget that I ever thought of doing such a crazy thing. Then I looked at that ugly tile again and realized that I wouldn’t like this room UNTIL this green was gone. I dumped the paint in the tray, dipped my roller in it, and started rolling away.
Talk about instant gratification! It felt so good to tell that nasty tile goodbye. I put two coats of the floor paint on and I fell in love.
That is when the paint plus primer and the houndstooth stencil came into play. I got the paint tinted “Seal” by Martha Stewart Living.
msl seal
I started the stencil over in a corner and laid it down against the corners of the room.
I painted the houndstooth print in, took off the tape and realize that it took a little of the floor paint off, so I stopped using tape after this and touched up my floor paint after stenciling the entire room. The great thing about the Royal Design Studio stencils is that they have markings on their stencils that show you EXACTLY where to lay your stencil. I have used other stencils that have marks on them, but there are only 1 or two of them and it still makes it very difficult to match up. These ones are all over the stencil and are perfect for all over stencil work.
I stenciled a few of the patterns on the floor using a technique I learned at Snap, but because the paint was pretty thin, it didn’t work as well as it would with thicker paints and the paint bled a little and the technique wasn’t as quick as I had hoped, so I decided to use my mini roller!
When I had to go over the grout lines of the tile, I would use a stencil brush to get deep in those cracks.
After 1-2 uses of the stencil, I would lay it on a towel, spray it off with all purpose cleaner, and wipe it clean with a damp wash cloth to keep it nice and clean to work with.
To clean up bleed spots, I used wet Q Tips and wiped the extra paint off of the floor. Do this lightly, so you don’t wipe the floor paint off too.
I repeated these steps over and over again until I had the room covered. I thought I loved it before, but I know I am in love now.
I am now in the process of putting a few coats of the sealer on it to protect it from damage. That is put on just like paint is, just be sure your surface is dry and very clean!
Are you as in love with this floor as I am? I love the contrast of grays in the room. It really may be the most beautiful floor I have ever seen. Dave even told me that he loves it and that he’s pretty sure that it is the only floor like it in the world. That made me feel pretty special. Who wants to try their very own Royal Design Studio stencil now? Well, you are in luck! They are giving a lucky reader one. Go enter the giveaway!

UPDATE!! Here is the AFTER of it all! If you want to see the full post about my reveal, look here!

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Happy Birthday, Kenz!

You may be reading this expecting another glamtastic blog post from Girl Loves Glam. Today is McKenzie’s birthday, however, so I sneaked on to my wife’s blog to share a special birthday surprise about why I love you, Kenz. Let’s take a trip, shall we?


Remember this picture? It was one of our engagement photos taken at the old Westwood Theater in Rexburg. I thought I was really in love with you then. Boy, I had no idea what being in love truly felt like. I do now.


Being in love with you is making a homemade hovercraft in the garage . . . just to see if we could.


It’s playing Scrabble late into the night on our living room floor.


It’s spending Valentine’s Day ice skating outside and taking turns falling on our rear ends.


Being in love with you is being the two oldest people in the Sesame Street 4D movie at Busch Gardens, but having more fun than all of the younger kids.


And it’s being parents to the most wonderful baby girl in the world.

I love you with all my heart, McKenzie. I am proud of you for so many things. Right now, I am proud of you for taking your ideas and having enough courage to turn them into a very successful blog. Happy birthday, Sweetheart! You make my heart full.

Here is a very special birthday video that made me think of you. I hope you don’t cry . . . from laughter!

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Enclosed Porch Makeover: Paint!

Covered Patio Makeover copy

Ok guys. This is SERIOUSLY starting to get good. Paint is all the wall!


Who remembers this nasty color? The trim was this weird brownish color and the wall was this brownish color. It was time for some major paint.


For the wall color, I chose Crushed Ice from Sherwin Williams and had Home Depot match the color for the Behr paint plus primer. It worked like a charm to cover the dark color. I did one coat, then a second coat over the textured places that the paint didn’t go all the way in. It looks fabulous!


It made the room so much brighter. Now for the window seals. I didn’t want to do anything too pricey, so I got some cheapo Better Homes and Gardens Glidden paint from Walmart. I used the Cotton White color. So much better!


I can’t even tell you how much better things are looking now that the window seals are done! I was really avoiding the ceiling for as long as I could, but I finally buckled down and did it.


I was sure to wipe it down so that it would be nice and clean before I started painting. As soon as I started to wipe it off, The weirdo texture started coming off! First of all, who texturizes a bead board ceiling?! I was SO excited that the texture came off so that I could have a nice and smooth ceiling. I couldn’t wait to cover up the brown paint that the previous owners got on the ceiling and the random places that didn’t have any paint on it at all. Surprisingly enough, painting the ceiling wasn’t all that bad! I can say that now that I am done. It was totally worth it.


Sorry for the cruddy picture, but I couldn’t wait any longer to take pictures!

I am not even kidding you, you will DIE when you see what I did to this room today! I am so excited to show you!

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Enclosed Porch Makeover Intro

Welcome to what could be my biggest project yet!

Covered Patio Makeover copy

I am so excited to get this area looking pretty! It has always been that area of our house that I have just ignored, but it is the first thing people see when they come to our house! It was in need of some serious help!


Nasty brown walls with the trim painted the same color and THE WORST tile ever created. This color makes me want to vomit! I have some major plans for all of this! My first project… taking down all of the baseboards and the one strip of molding there was.


This was one of the more disgusting things I have ever done. There were families of earwigs that went to die behind my baseboards, big, gaping holes behind it with spider nests, dirt, and who knows what else. I would like to pretend I was really brave and tough about it, but it was not an easy task! Not to mention I may or may not have used a few naughty words in my brain when I was cussing out the person who put this trim up with the longest nails in history and in some places caulking the crap out of the back of it. It was a learning experience to take it off!


Next, I did a lot of foam spraying and hole filling. After the foam dried, I cut off all of the excess with a knife. I know that this is going to help my house stay warm and cool and also keep nasty critters out of my house!

There is a lot more to come. I can’t wait to tell you about paint colors, inspiration, and learning experiences!

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Door Turned into Shelf!

Let me given a little backstory… A while back, Dave and I went through a “picker” phase. We would go on Craigslist and try to find treasures that we couldn’t live without. I found the cutest old door that I could not live without! When we bought our house, I was so excited to find a home for my door. This was the best I could come up with though…
family living room3
Not great. Matters got worse when I had a visitor with a little boy. He tried to open the door and it started to fall on top of him. Luckily, I didn’t have kids yet. As soon as Harper started growing in my tummy, I started brewing ideas of what to do with my door. I told Dave all about this shelf that I wanted made out of our door. I think he thought I was a little nutty, but one day, long after mentioning my shelf idea, I came home to this in the garage.
First of all, isn’t it the cutest that he put a wreath on it and put pictures on the shelves so that I could get the “vision”? He waited to paint it until he got the ok for what color to paint it.
He filled in the nail holes.
We primed it.
Then painted it! I couldn’t wait to decorate it.
I love that I now have a space to do my seasonal vignettes too! My favorite part? The doorknob!
Do you love this as much as I do?
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Summer Mantel

Ahh! I can’t even tell you how excited I am that I can now do vignettes on a mantle! I have never had a mantle, until just recently, BUT that is for another post coming up!

Could you just die over how cute it is? I know Summer doesn’t officially start for a while, but Dave is done with school THIS WEEK!
I started the mantle by making the wreath. I started wrapping the wreath with the electric blue fabric, then I ran out! So, I finished wrapping it in hot pink fabric. I made lots of felt flowers and added some houndstooth ribbon to the ends.
I was most excited to add the wood pendants to it that I bought from Pick Your Plum a while back. I painted them, added some vinyl to it, and hung them up with some baker’s twine!
I picked up some cork topped jars at a yard sale and added some ribbon in one and some vintage straws in the other one. I had a cream soda and looked down at the bottle and realized how stinkin’ cute it was. I sprayed it green and added a little washi tape to it!
I got this lamp a long time ago and I was so excited to get some use out of it! I had to washi it a little bit first though. I added a vintage mason jar, my owl friend I am totally in love with, and a painted this frame I got at a yard sale to finish it off!
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Baby America

Here is your giggle for the weekend.


This could quite possibly be the greatest picture ever taken.

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Free Bag=Business Bag

How many times do you get these free bags from places and not know what to do with it? Here is your solution! Come find me at Expressions Vinyl Blog today to make your own, personalized bag out of a free bag!


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Have YOU made an Organization Board?


Did you use my tutorial to make one of these boards? Or do you have plans to do it in the near future? If so, I would LOVE to feature your project! I will be accepting photos of your organization boards until May 19th! Please email me your photos, along with your name and blog post about the board (if you have one) to girllovesglam@yahoo.com

I can’t wait to see your creations!

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