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Halloween Candy Sharing Chart

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I love candy. I always have. Needless to say, Halloween has always been a favorite holiday of mine because it was an excuse to eat a lot of sugary goodness. I usually had a problem though. My mom would ask me to share a few pieces with her. I didn’t love doing that because I got a little possessive over my candy. I would eat loads of candy, get tummy aches, and in the end, I usually wished that I would have given more of it to my mom.

I love the show The Middle. If you haven’t ever watched it, do yourself a favor and watch it NOW. It is hilarious! Last week was the Halloween episode. The grade school boy got loads of candy while trick or treating and ate it all in one night. This inspired my Candy Sharing Chart…

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If kids have a plan for their candy from the get go, it is easier to budget out their candy for a while, and they are better able to plan out who to share candy with.
After trick or treating, kids love to dump out their bags and see what the loot looks like. While they are at it, count up how many pieces they got and write it down on the chart. Then, write down who they would be willing to share their candy with in the next spot. This could be parents, siblings, friends, teachers etc. The next line is when they determine how many pieces they are willing to give up daily. Are they going to give all of those people one piece every day? Are they going to give them all a few pieces? Maybe each person just gets one piece total during the week? Help your kids make a decision. It may be tough, but it is a great way to practice their sharing skills. Lastly, they will either use stickers or just a marker to make marks on each day. On one side, mark how many pieces your child eats each day, and the other side, they mark how many pieces they share each day. This can turn into more of a game than a chore! 
Hopefully this helps your kids learn to share a little more, have fewer tummy aches, and maybe gets you a Snickers or two! Happy Halloween!
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