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4th of July is such a fun holiday where we get to celebrate our country’s independence. Most of us enjoy spending the day with our family and/or friends to celebrate. Here at Girl Loves Glam you can find ideas from crafts to beauty tips that will help you in your celebrating.

Share your patriotic side with some retro patriotic nail art in red, white and blue. Or learn how to do DIY hair chalking for the 4th of July.

Learn how to make patriotic shirts with some iron on vinyl for the family. Or make the 4th of July parade wands for the kids to wave as they watch the local city parade.

Do you decorate your home for each holiday? We have ideas for how to decorate your home or office for the day too. You can leave your decorations for Independence Day up all summer long if you like. Or, save them and use them for Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Flag Day and more.

4th of July is one of McKenzie’s favorite holidays and she is a sucker for all things red white and blue to celebrate! If you feel the same way, come check out some of her favorite crafts, beauty tricks and tips to have your most patriotic celebration yet!