Damask Canvas Mother’s Day Gift!

I made this canvas for my mom for Mother’s Day and she {LOVED} it!
I went to Michaels and they had their canvas value packs were buy 1 get 1 free! I made 1 for my mom, and I am working on 3 others that are just a little different for me! I bought a stencil at Michaels too and it was all pretty easy! If you need help making one, there is a tutorial here, but It is pretty self explanitory! Instead of hand painting the canvas itself, I just spray painted it. It was super easy, but just know that stencil paint takes FOREVER to dry!
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Headband Holder shown on Studio 5 tomorrow!

Currently, my headband holder is competing with other crafts to win the Craft under $5 Challenge with Studio 5! If you are in Utah (or parts of Idaho) tune in and see mine featured for a split second I am sure! Let’s hope I get in the finals to win!

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*Headband and Accessory Holder*

Ok so this is my very 1st tutorial!! I am SO excited to share this with you! I created a fun way to show off your favorite hair accessories (INCLUDING HEADBANDS!) without getting everything smashed in a little box. I have a line of hair accessories. Most of them are made of feathers and they can get smashed pretty easily! So I created a way to get rid of that problem! Join me for my first tutorial adventure…
What you will need:
Spray Paint
Hot Glue
Clothes Pins
Fabric (optional)
Flower (optional)
Feathers (optional)
First, I went thrifting and I found this UGLY frame. I loved the size and the details of it, and it didn’t have a price. The gave it to me for $1! What a steal!
Then I put some garbage bags down and sprayed and sprayed until I liked the color of my frame! I chose red, but it would be cute in many other colors!
I let the paint dry and layed the frame down and measured the sides of it. The important thing to note is that this frame will hang horizontally, NOT vertically. So measure the sides of the frame that will be lined vertically to be sure that your ribbon will run horizontally. Decide how many ribbons you can fit on your frame, keeping them about 2-3 inches apart and mark where the ribbon will be.
Then I picked out the ribbon I used, and cut them to the length I needed them to be so that they will go from one side that I measured, to the other side that I measured.
With a hot glue gun, I glued each piece of ribbon to the spots I had measured out. The ribbons need to be glued in the horizontal direction. This is the only way to make the headbands stay on. Remember, glue the the ribbon so that the right sides are facing the front of the frame!
I also glued 2 extra pieces of ribbon to each side to be sure that my ribbons are sturdy.

Now this is what my frame looks like! I need to glam it up though! You can leave it like this if you want, but I had to accessorize!

I made 2 rolled fabric flowers. If you don’t know how to make these, there is a pretty helpful tutorial made by Me and My Brightsides, here.

Then, I got some feathers, and some petals from a silk flower.

And I embellished my flower, and arranged them on my frame. I just used hot glue again, and put them all on my frame like so.

I create a lot of “Hippie Headbands” and there really isn’t any way to store them unless you stuff them into a box and then they get squished! So I decided I would hang them up with clothes pins. I made 3 lined clothes pins for my frame. I cut out ribbon that would go around one side of each clothes pin.

Then I hot glued the ribbon to the clothes pin and folded the ribbon over and glued it too so you couldn’t see the unfinished edges of the ribbon.

Now I have 3 super cute clothes pins!

I attached my clothes pins and now I am done! But I seem to be missing something…

My hair accessories! I love this because I can also comb my combs onto the ribbon because the ribbon is horizontal. I clipped my hippie headbands on my clothes pins, clipped my regular clips on the ribbon, and put my headbands over the ribbons! Now all of my feathers won’t get ruined!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I enjoyed making this project! Look for more tutorials coming your way and don’t forget to check out my hair accessories so that you can fill up your new Headband and Accessory Holder!

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The one where I took myself on a date

Yesterday was a ponytail day. If you can relate to that at all, you know that ponytail days are usually the days that you just don’t feel like doing much to get ready. Haha. I decided to turn my ponytail day into something a little more exciting. I decided that I was going to take myself on a date! I got ready and decided to take a cheesy car picture. Don’t worry, I wasn’t driving, but I thought I would capture my day date for you!

I took myself to Kneader’s Bakery & Cafe. It is right down the street from me now that I am in SLC. I thought I would give it a try. It was DELICIOUS!

{I got a classic turkey sandwich on asiago cheese bread}

I really think it is the best sandwich I have ever had! I had to get a treat too of course, so I got a fruit tart. If it has fruit on it, it is still healthy right?

I love going to D.I. and finding all sorts of treasures. Now that I am in SLC there are many more D.I.’s to choose from. I did a little Mapquesting and found 2 of them pretty close to me!The first D.I. that I hit was pretty small, but I did find 2 little picture frames that I have plans for. I went to the next D.I. that was MUCH bigger! I found the perfect picture frame for a project I have been wanting to do. It is pretty big and very ugly! It didn’t have a price on it, so I took it up to the front, and they gave it to me for $1! I was so excited! There will be pictures coming soon of my creation process!I then went to Ross and found a few other treasures! I had a great day date with myself! This glam girl is taking herself on dates more often!

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this girl loves glam!

Glam I love today is…
This Forever 21 Crochet Sweater w/ Sash
Isn’t it so classy? I love it! Most of my sweaters come from Forever 21. They are adorable and affordable!
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