Fun Christmas Kid Crafts and Activities

We have officially entered the season where my daughter expects to do a different Christmas craft everyday! Parts of that are so fun, but other parts make it hard. I can’t come up with my own crafts everyday! I have rounded up a bunch of adorable kid crafts and activities that are going to keep us busy all holiday season!

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There are so many great ideas! [Read more…]

Shrinky Dinks Ornaments Kid’s Gift Idea

Getting gifts for your kids to give to their friends for Christmas can get SO expensive! My daughter really wanted to give her friends something for Christmas, but when you are four years old the concept of money isn’t quite there. We finally agreed on giving her friends some handmade ornaments. I was trying to come up with a cute ornament that could be personal, but easy and cost effective as well and I remembered Shrinky Dinks! I used to make different creations with Shrinky Dinks as a kid and I knew they would be perfect to make ornaments with too! The best part is that each ornament ended up costing about 50 cents each to make!

Shrinky Dinks Christmas Ornaments as Kid's Friend Gifts for about 50 cents each! on

To make these, I used the print and cut option on my Silhouette Cameo machine. This made making these incredibly easy because I printed them out and just had the Silhouette cut them out for me and they looked great! Of course, if you don’t have a Silhouette Cameo, you could print off your own design on the Shrinky Dinks and cut them out yourself, just know it will take you much longer and they won’t look as crisp. But it can be done! [Read more…]

LDS Missionary Tag Christmas Ornament

I have been waiting a long time to be able to write this post. I have waited for over 2 years. My little brother is FINALLY home after serving an LDS mission in Bogota, Colombia. He has been back for just over a week! I wanted to be able to give him a little gift when he got home, but wanted it to just be a small thing since he is getting Christmas gifts from me so soon too. I decided to make him an LDS missionary tag Christmas ornament!

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I absolutely love how this turned out! He was really appreciative of it and loved that it is a way for him to remember his time the he spent serving others in Colombia. On the front side, it looks just like his missionary tag did. On the back side…

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I put the name of his mission and the dates that he was serving his mission. This will be a keepsake that he will have for his entire lifetime. This would [Read more…]

Instagram Christmas Ornament UNDER $2!

It is probably no surprise to you that I am a huge fan of Instagram. It quickly became┬ámy favorite form of social media and is still my very favorite! I love the gorgeous photos people put on their feed. I also enjoy finding new, interesting people to follow as well. I am also a sucker of hashtags when it comes to Instagram. I use them in their proper form so that my photos will be categorized, but I am also a fan of the “tongue in cheek” hashtags that happen within the Instagram culture. That’s why I knew that I needed an Instagram Christmas ornament for my tree this year!

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This ornament turned out just the way I imagined it! It took me about 15 minutes to make it and it costs less than $2! These would be perfect gifts to make for your friends and family. [Read more…]

DIY Gold Dipped Feather Ornament

Gold Dipped Feather DIY Ornament

I love getting inspiration from high end fashion pieces and bringing some of that inspiration into my home decor.

That is exactly what I did with my gold feather dipped ornaments! I love all of the gold that keeps showing up on clothing and accessories and I knew I wanted to bring that into my Christmas decor this year. I also am loving all of the feather details I see on shirts, leggings, and jewelry too! What a better way to bring those two elements together than in a Christmas ornament? These ornaments were so easy to make too!

You will need:

*Clear ornament (I used plastic ones from Michael’s)

*White feathers

*Gold spray paint

*Piece of paper

*Painter’s tape

**Optional** Additional accessories to put in the ornament

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Lay your feathers out in a row. Put the paper on top of the feathers, leaving the top half of the feathers exposed. Tape the paper onto the feathers.

DIY Gold Dipped Feathers on #diy #tutorial

Spray paint the tops of the feathers and let them dry.

Gold dipped feather ornament on #gold #christmas

Stuff the feathers into the ornament. At this point, you can add additional items into the ornaments too. I made one with just the feathers in it, one with pearl strands in it, one with gold balls in it, and one with gold glitter in it! The possibilities are totally endless!

DIY Gold Dipped Feather Ornaments

These ornaments will add just the right amount of glam and sparkle to your tree this year!