Helping Children Live Bold Lives

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I still remember this day like it was yesterday. Maybe it is because my four year old won’t let me forget it. It was a day that happened almost two years ago when we went to one of our favorite lunch spots. She was playing with a friend in the play area when both she and the friend came out crying. There was a bully in the playground! I remember thinking that this was the first bully situation I could think of her experiencing and I wanted to help her get through it.

I will tell you now, this was a tough one! The bully was just plain mean! He was pushing kids down and spitting in their faces, screaming in kids faces, and basically just trying to make every other kid cry. His mom came in and told him to stop, but that did absolutely nothing. I told my daughter to go in with her friend and they could play together. If “Mean Carter” came and tried to bother them, they could stand up to him together. Well, that plan failed just as soon as both little girls came out of the playground with tears streaming down their faces.

In that moment, I realized that this was probably a great way for my daughter to be introduced to a bully. Not all bully situations end like they do on television shows. Everyone doesn’t end up being friends in the end and we definitely can’t control other people’s actions. This situation only got worse when the mother of this child tried to get involved with some of the other parents who were trying to help their kids stand up to her son. In the end, we chose to leave and so did many of the other families.

Why do I share this story with you? Because I want to share how we have continued to build on that experience to help give our daughter the confidence she needs to be bold and stand up for herself in situations that she is going to be faced with in her life.

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Part of the Bold Percent

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You have probably noticed that I am a big fan of the LISTERINE® Bring Out the Bold campaign. I just love it when companies encourage people to be the best versions of themselves! The group of people who take the challenge to live their life boldly are part of what LISTERINE calls the Bold Percent.

One person that I definitely think is part of the Bold Percent is my husband, Dave. Many of you have commented when he shows up on my social media channels because he has lost so much weight.

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Bringing a Bold Touch to an Unfinished Room

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As I was finishing up our fun mermaid bathroom makeover, I realized that there are exactly three rooms in my house that I haven’t done an ounce of decorating in. One of those is the guest bedroom that will become a baby nursery and the others are the two other bathrooms in my house. I feel like bathrooms are some of the easiest spaces to decorate because of how small they are,  yet the bathroom that visitors see most often and the bathroom that I see most often aren’t decorated at all! I will definitely be adding both of them on my list of things to do. Until then, the best I can do is just keep them nice and clean!

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Teaching Kids to Love Themselves

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As you may recall, I touched a bit about the weight of responsibility that I have felt over teaching my child to be confident and bold in who she is. It was one thing that I never thought about when I looked into the future and thought about what life might be like as mother. Although she is only four years old, I want my daughter to grow up loving herself from the beginning so that she doesn’t have to create that self love later on.

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Today she was given the opportunity to give a little talk in church about treating our bodies well. I had helped her get the talk ready and I truly hope that the message came across to her as we practiced and as she spoke today. The message she shared was that she was born prematurely and wasn’t a healthy baby but through the help of the NICU nurses, she was able to come home as a healthy baby. She had to continue to work to be healthy so that she could grow up to be the healthy little girl that she is today. She talked about how our bodies are gifts and that we need to treat them with kindness in both how we treat them and how we speak about them. Although it was just a little talk given to small children by a four year old, I hope the spirit of the message came across clearly.

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Dare to be True

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There is a line in one of my favorite hymns that says “Dare to be true”. I remember hearing that as a child and kind of wondering what that meant. As I have had more life experiences, I have learned exactly what that means. Sometimes one of the hardest things that we may be faced with is standing up for ourselves or for others. It could be standing up for yourself or for someone else who is being bullied in some way or standing up for something you believe in. I honestly don’t think there is an easy option when it comes to any of those options!

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Recently I attended a conference where we were going to be dressed by a brand on one of the days. As I looked at the clothing that they offered, I realized that most of the clothes didn’t fit the modesty guidelines that I dress my body with. I was honored that they wanted to dress me, but nervous to tell them how few options they would have when choosing what to dress me in. I didn’t want them to feel like I was ungrateful or that I didn’t like their clothing. I thought really hard about how to word my instructions in a thoughtful and kind way so they would understand what I needed and know how grateful I truly was for the opportunity.  [Read more…]

Bold Summer Travels

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It is almost July and with July comes craziness every year. It seems like everything we have going on, happens in July! Every July is packed with travel. I look forward to it every year, but when it is all said and done, it is nice to get back home again. This July, I will be headed to visit family for a few days, then Dave and I are going to New York City to work and vacation. I am really excited to spend time in that city again!

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Celebrating a Bold Man this Father’s Day

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I don’t think dads are given as much credit as they should be given. When I was shopping for a Father’s Day card this year, I was sad to see so many cards that made fun of dads. I agree that there should be humor in life, but some of the cards really made me sad! Mothers would be heartbroken if they got a card for Mother’s Day that was as rude as some of these Father’s Day cards were. I believe that Father’s Day should be about celebrating those great men in your life, not making fun of their imperfections.

I have been blessed to have great examples of bold men in my life. My dad was always there for me to cheer me on as I grew up, he taught me important lessons about life, and most importantly showed me what qualities I wanted to find in a future husband. My grandpas were always incredible examples of hard work, perfecting important skills, and knowing how to make good jokes. When my husband came along, I believe I found a great combination of all of those things.

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Motherhood: Bringing out the Bold

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I have never had to question how my mom feels about me. What I may have referred to as helicopter parenting as a teenager, I know realize was just my mom’s love and concern for me. I remember thinking that I wouldn’t grow up to be a helicopter mom and now I look in the mirror and see a helicopter mom in the full flesh.

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Honestly though, being a helicopter mom isn’t as bad as it sounds. I like to let my daughter experience life, take risks, and even get some bruises along the way. My definition of a helicopter mom is the type of mom who wants to be involved in their child’s life. They want to hover over their lives enough to know what is going on, enough to let their child know they are interested, but far enough away to let the child learn and grow on their own. I know that isn’t everyone’s definition, but that is how I see it. [Read more…]

Bring out the Bold

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Being bold hasn’t always been a strength of mine. It is a trait that I admired in others for a long time before I felt confident in myself to try to be bold in my own ways. I wouldn’t say that I have ever been considered a shy person, but I definitely had moments of insecurity that became debilitating. It wasn’t until I really learned to love and accept myself for who I am that I was more willing to be bold and try new things.

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Being Confident

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Being confident means a lot of different things to me. When I think about confident people, I think of different types of people. I think a lot of times, we think of confident people as people who get up and perform in front of people. Unfortunately those types of people can be the least confident a lot of times. Instead of looking outwardly to find examples of confidence, it is important to look within to find your own confidence.

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