Staycation Family Gift Idea

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I love the idea of giving an entire family an epic Christmas gift. This could be for a family related to you, a family who is friends with your family, or even for your own family. Family gifts are so fun!

I wanted to think of a fun family gift that I could give to my own little family that would be something totally different than the rest of the gifts I am giving. I decided to go with a vacation! Vacations make pretty expensive gifts, so instead of some big trip across the country I am giving a “staycation”!

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Frozen Elsa Inspired Christmas Ornament and Tree

If you have kids, they probably love Frozen. That is definitely the case at my house. I have a full blown, Elsa loving princess who seems to react to any Frozen memorabilia like it is the last Frozen item in the planet. She treasures them. She is obsessed! That’s why I knew I needed to make her holiday dreams come true and make her a Frozen Elsa Christmas Tree for her room!

Frozen Elsa Christmas Tree on

I am not one who is about to plaster character’s faces all over my house, so I decided to go with more of an “inspired by” theme instead of so literal. I LOOOOVE how this tree turned out! I think it is absolutely stunning! Photos seriously don’t do it justice. It just sparkles! This tree was really easy to whip up and I just know your little Frozen lover will love one too!

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Staying on a Holiday Budget

The holiday season is pretty much the worst time to try to stick to a budget. It is SO hard to keep everything under control when there are so many great things out there that you can spend your hard earned money on. I will admit, there have been a few Christmas seasons in the past where I have gone a little overboard, but that isn’t really a problem anymore thanks to a few things I have learned! Here are a few of my tips for staying on a budget this holiday season.

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Dinner and a Movie Gift Idea

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Giving gifts to friends or family members with families of their own can be tough. It is hard to find something to give to them that can work for the entire family. One solution I have found is to shop on Groupon for my gifts. There are so many fun, local experiences that you can give to a family, instead of some random board game you found on sale. 

One gift idea I came up with after looking around on Groupon was a dinner and a movie for a famliy. That could get pretty pricey if you were purchasing movie tickets for every member of a family, plus the dinner for them.

Thankfully, there are tons of great gift card and food voucher options on Groupon to choose from so you can pick a place for the family to go eat. For the movie, pick up a family friendly movie, some popcorn, and even a new blanket for them to snuggle up in on their couch. [Read more…]

Best Friend Gift Guide & Rayban GIVEAWAY

Buying for friends can sometimes be pretty tough! Maybe it is just me, but I feel like I see things all year long that my friends would love. When holiday season comes, I can’t find anything! I came up with a fun list of things that I think would make great gifts for your best friends, sisters, moms, or girlfriends (props to you if you are a guy reading this post). Here it is, the best friend gift guide!

Photo Credits: Christine Marie Photo and Cliq Photography by Ann

Best Friend Gift Guide on

This is a collection of items I have found that I love and that I just know you will love! They make perfect gifts. There are even a few items that are from some awesome stores that you might find more great gift ideas from too! [Read more…]

Perfect Holiday Party Outfit

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H&M Holiday 2014 Outfit on

The holiday season is such a magic time of year. All of the gift giving and parties are enough to make anyone’s holiday loving heart just want to burst over the excitement and joy! I love that it has become a tradition for adults to have holiday parties that are for adults only. Not that anything really crazy happens at any holiday parties I attend, but I love the opportunity to dress up a little and have conversations about things other than princesses and the potty. [Read more…]

Instagram Christmas Ornament UNDER $2!

It is probably no surprise to you that I am a huge fan of Instagram. It quickly became my favorite form of social media and is still my very favorite! I love the gorgeous photos people put on their feed. I also enjoy finding new, interesting people to follow as well. I am also a sucker of hashtags when it comes to Instagram. I use them in their proper form so that my photos will be categorized, but I am also a fan of the “tongue in cheek” hashtags that happen within the Instagram culture. That’s why I knew that I needed an Instagram Christmas ornament for my tree this year!

Instagram Christmas Ornament Easy Tutorial to make this for under $2 on

This ornament turned out just the way I imagined it! It took me about 15 minutes to make it and it costs less than $2! These would be perfect gifts to make for your friends and family. [Read more…]

Metallic Trees Snow Globe Apothecary Jars

Metallic Tree Snow Globe Apothecary Jars

 I can’t believe that it is finally the time of year that I can talk about my love of Christmas on here and not get my wrist slapped! I am so excited to bring you my first Christmas post of the season! I have several holiday projects coming your way and some pretty amazing holiday giveaways too! It is going to be a pretty epic holiday season, if I do say so myself! When it comes to my holiday decor, I like things to be unique, but relatively simple. There are already so many things that come with Christmas decor, I don’t like to overwhelm myself too much by having really busy decorations everywhere too. That’s why I loved the concept of these snow globe apothecary jars. Forgive me, the pictures aren’t my best, but if you could see them in person, you would flip out over how gorgeous they really are!

Like I said, I like things to be pretty simple, that’s why this project can be done in pretty much no time. Here’s what you need… [Read more…]

Our Christmas Card 2014

Can you even believe that it is already November? The time has come to start thinking about… Christmas! Yep. I dared say it. It is that magical time of the year! I love all of the feelings of holiday spirit that come during this time each year. The smells, the food, the decorations, gift giving, and the mail! If you ask my husband, he would probably say that I am a bit obsessed with checking my mail. I love it! It is like Christmas everyday when I open the mailbox to find envelopes addressed to me. Maybe I need to get out more, but it really one of the highlights of my day. This is ESPECIALLY the case when it is Christmas time. I absolutely love checking the mail and finding holiday cards from people that we love. I love seeing pictures of friends and family and seeing how much their family has grown over the past year. I enjoy reading their letters and feel like it adds such a special spirit to the holidays.

I have always made it a point to send out Christmas cards since being married. Even if I am a major fan of technology, there is just something that makes you feel a lot more special when you get an actual card over an e card. I absolutely love Shutterfly and feel like their cards are not only gorgeous, but are completely affordable too. I have used them for years.

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Get help planning holiday parties!

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I LOVE attending holiday parties! It might just be my favorite part about this time of year. It seems like there is a party happening every week! When you are the host of one of these holiday parties, planning can be very stressful. Why not get a little help with your holiday party planning from Bed Bath & Beyond? Did you know they have a special part of their site called Holiday Your Way that is made to help people get ready for the holidays? There are sections for food and recipes, entertaining, decorating, and gifting! They really are trying to help create the least stressful holiday for everyone by providing great tips, ideas, and more on this one magical site!

This week, I am attending two different Ugly Sweater parties! I have been given food assignments for both parties. The Holiday Your Way site has tons of Holiday Recipes to choose from so I can find the perfect recipes for the parties I will be attending.

I think this White Chocolate Macadamia Frozen Treat Sandwich recipe looks divine! It would be perfect for any holiday party.

I also loved looking through the gifting section of the Holiday Your Way site because I found this awesome article about mailing cookies overseas! My brother is currently living in Colombia and I would love to send him fresh baked cookies. I didn’t know that that was even an option!

I found the article about making houseguests happy in the Holiday Entertaining section really helpful too! My mother in law always comes to stay with us over Christmas and I would love for her to be as comfortable as we can make her feel.

I highly recommend checking out this site for all of your holiday needs!

What are your holiday tips? Do you have any special treats you make during this season?

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