My Hair Story: The Good and Bad

Being a blogger who focuses so much on beauty brings a lot of pressure with it. I get a lot of complements on my hair and makeup by all of my sweet followers out there and sometimes I hear people tear themselves down because their hair “won’t ever look that good” etc. Each time I have seen a comment like that, I just want to jump through the computer screen and shake the person who wrote it. Everything on the internet is part smoke and mirrors and part reality. Don’t ever tear yourself down because of something you see on the internet! The other thing I want to tell every person who compliments my hair is that it has NOT always been like this. It has come a long way. In fact, there was a span of about 5 years that my hair was a huge source of bullying and depression for me. I have wanted to share my hair story for a long time, but never really felt like it has been the right time to do so because I haven’t ever known how to word it exactly the way I wanted it to sound. Mostly because I don’t ever want it to seem like I am fishing for┬ásympathy. I just want you to know where I came from, so you can have some hope for your hair too.

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Practical, Colorful Outfit for Fall

I have a love/hate relationship with outfit posts. I thoroughly enjoy putting outfits together. I feel like I could be a stylist in another life, but only for people with the EXACT same style as me. There are some things that actual stylists put together that I don’t really understand, but somehow people seem to think they work together, go figure! For myself, I love finding new ways to wear items in my closet. It is like a game! It is fun to get all dolled up and go to a photoshoot to take pictures of outfits that I have worn so I can hopefully inspire some of you to put together new outfits for yourself.

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