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Show yourself that you love yourself

Show yourself that you love yourself

This post was sponsored by Amopé™ as part of an influencer activation for the #AmopeCrowd and Socialstars™. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review, but all opinions are my own. #AmopeCrowd #ad

I tell my daughter and my husband that I love them all day long. I don’t ever want them to forget that I love them! As important as it is to be telling them that I love them, it is even more important that they see that I love myself too. I think that most people grew up with parents who were way too hard on themselves. It was just a different time when I was raised and people weren’t supposed to love themselves. My mom was always a very confident and loving person, but I knew that she didn’t love how she looked. She had no reason to feel that way because she is absolutely beautiful. Over the years, there have been many studies about the effects of low self esteems of parents rubbing off on their children. It breaks my heart! I always want my kids to know that I love myself and that I make myself a priority in my life.

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I make it a point to exercise, get dressed, and even pamper myself when I get the chance. Thankfully I have a little girl who loves to be involved with the pampering process as well, so we even get to have our own spa days sometimes. When I really want to relax though, I will pamper myself after she has gone to sleep. My favorite thing to do lately has been giving myself manicures and pedicures while I watch my shows at night. It has been a really perfect way to unwind at the end of the day.

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I used to just paint my nails during that time, but I have stepped up my game recently when I started using the new Amopé™ Pedi Perfect foot file. Depending on how much filing my feet need, I will soak my feet first and will file them while they are still wet. I love that this foot file can get wet. It makes my feet so smooth and I don’t even have to put in the muscle to work to get my feet filed.

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Amopé™ got its name because it literally means “love my feet” in Portuguese. Follow them on Facebook to learn even more about their company. I am giving my feet some extra love before sandal season so they can really look perfect when the warm days sneak up on me.

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It might seem like a little thing that I am doing for myself, but those little things really do add up. Your body and your soul need to be reminded that you love them, just like your family does. Think about it, when a loved one does something small for you it means a lot. You don’t have to go do something huge for yourself. It is the little things that really add up to show yourself that you really do love yourself. It is a winning situation because not only are you doing something for yourself, but you are also setting a great example of self love to those around you.

So, what are you going to do to show your body and soul that you love yourself?