Door Turned into Shelf!

Let me given a little backstory… A while back, Dave and I went through a “picker” phase. We would go on Craigslist and try to find treasures that we couldn’t live without. I found the cutest old door that I could not live without! When we bought our house, I was so excited to find a home for my door. This was the best I could come up with though…
family living room3
Not great. Matters got worse when I had a visitor with a little boy. He tried to open the door and it started to fall on top of him. Luckily, I didn’t have kids yet. As soon as Harper started growing in my tummy, I started brewing ideas of what to do with my door. I told Dave all about this shelf that I wanted made out of our door. I think he thought I was a little nutty, but one day, long after mentioning my shelf idea, I came home to this in the garage.
First of all, isn’t it the cutest that he put a wreath on it and put pictures on the shelves so that I could get the “vision”? He waited to paint it until he got the ok for what color to paint it.
He filled in the nail holes.
We primed it.
Then painted it! I couldn’t wait to decorate it.
I love that I now have a space to do my seasonal vignettes too! My favorite part? The doorknob!
Do you love this as much as I do?
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Summer Mantel

Ahh! I can’t even tell you how excited I am that I can now do vignettes on a mantle! I have never had a mantle, until just recently, BUT that is for another post coming up!

Could you just die over how cute it is? I know Summer doesn’t officially start for a while, but Dave is done with school THIS WEEK!
I started the mantle by making the wreath. I started wrapping the wreath with the electric blue fabric, then I ran out! So, I finished wrapping it in hot pink fabric. I made lots of felt flowers and added some houndstooth ribbon to the ends.
I was most excited to add the wood pendants to it that I bought from Pick Your Plum a while back. I painted them, added some vinyl to it, and hung them up with some baker’s twine!
I picked up some cork topped jars at a yard sale and added some ribbon in one and some vintage straws in the other one. I had a cream soda and looked down at the bottle and realized how stinkin’ cute it was. I sprayed it green and added a little washi tape to it!
I got this lamp a long time ago and I was so excited to get some use out of it! I had to washi it a little bit first though. I added a vintage mason jar, my owl friend I am totally in love with, and a painted this frame I got at a yard sale to finish it off!
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Baby America

Here is your giggle for the weekend.


This could quite possibly be the greatest picture ever taken.

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Free Bag=Business Bag

How many times do you get these free bags from places and not know what to do with it? Here is your solution! Come find me at Expressions Vinyl Blog today to make your own, personalized bag out of a free bag!


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Have YOU made an Organization Board?


Did you use my tutorial to make one of these boards? Or do you have plans to do it in the near future? If so, I would LOVE to feature your project! I will be accepting photos of your organization boards until May 19th! Please email me your photos, along with your name and blog post about the board (if you have one) to

I can’t wait to see your creations!

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I know all of your favorite bloggers are talking about Snap. You are probably kind of sick of hearing about it, but let me just give you a little glimpse inside my Snap experience.

During Snap, I met tons of new friends, felt welcomed by the Snap crew, enjoyed great speakers, ate delicious food, and laughed constantly.


Be jealous. I got to know some of the coolest girls in the entire world.


The Queen Bee Market was amazing and trying out new products that aren’t even available to the public yet was really fun.


Snap was seriously one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had. Go meet some of the girls that I met this week…

Sugar Blossom Boutique, Oopsey Daisy, Crap I’ve Made, The V Spot, Flats to Flip Flops, Lolly Jane, What’s Cooking with Ruthie, My Sister’s Suitcase, My Party is Over, Remodelaholic, A to Zebra Celebrations, A Little Tipsy, Shabby Nest, Bridgey Widgey, Happy Looks Good on You. Dirty Laundry, Landee, Take the Side Street, Sugar Bee, U Create, See Vanessa Craft, Mod Podge Rocks, Johnny in a Dress, Scissors and Spatulas, Clever Pink Pirate, Less Cake More Frosting, Announced Design, Not Just a Housewife, Today’s Creative Blog, I Heart Naptime, Deep Space Sparkle, Kristin Duke Photography, Sew Craft Create, I am Momma Hear Me Roar, Skip To My Lou, A Lotta Living, A Real-Life Housewife, The Potter’s Place, Organize & Decorate Everything, Lil Blue Boo, WhipperBerry, Faith, Trust, & Pixie Dust, Elk Dresses, Vintage Revivals, The House of Smiths, Lil Luna, and so many more that I probably missed!

Take a seat and visit all of these incredible blogs. You will drool over them all!

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Chevron Spring Cardigan

I know that a lot of you were pretty excited about the makeover I gave my cardigan on my productive Sunday. Well, the wait is over and you can make one too!


I made a tutorial for you to turn any drab cardigan into your favorite piece of clothing! I guest posted this tutorial on the Expressions Vinyl Blog.


Meet me over there, and create one of these lovelies with me!

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One of those “Mommy Moments”

WARNING! What you are about to read may be disturbing to some audiences. It is all about bodily functions! The joys of motherhood.

It all started last night. Dave got Harper ready for bed and put her in what we like to call “The Cursed Onesie”. The onesie itself is a darling Calvin Klein one that came in a package from Ross. I love them! They are similar to these. The cursed one is like the white one in the front.


When I walked in the nursery and saw what onesie Harper was wearing, I asked Dave, “Are you sure you want to put her in THAT onesie?”. He said he thought she would be fine because she had already pooped that day. The story behind the onesie is… We had just switched Harper over from breast milk, to formula. She got plugged, bad! She would poop only once every, other day. We had a very sad baby. Every time she would poop. It was a nasty, need a bath after, kind of blow out. Every time she needed the bath, she was wearing that forbidden onesie! Needless to say, that dang onesie has been prewashed more times than I can count. Now flash to this morning…

Harper was taking a nap in her crib. She started crying. I noticed that it would be close to the time that she should be getting hungry so I made her a bottle and went into her nursery to feed her. It stunk, but I assumed it was probably just gas. When I picked her up to feed her, I discovered it was much more than gas. She was laying in poop. Lots of it. I immediately took the bottle out of her mouth and took her to the changing table. I carefully took off her nightgown and THE onesie that were now covered in the nasty stuff too and threw it on the floor so I could prewash it later. I wiped Harper down and got a bath going. When I took Harper off of the changing mat, there was a perfect imprint of a baby bum. That would be cute, except it was made of poop! Haha.

I got Harper in the bathtub and was giving her a bath. We don’t normally bathe her in our bathtub, but it was my only option at this moment. When I went to wash off her bum, she got a mouth full of water. It broke my heart. She HATED it and was very ready to get out.

I got her in her room and put her in a diaper when I heard something behind me. To my dismay, my puppy Sadie was rubbing her body all over the poopy clothes! Seriously? GROSS! I hurried and grabbed the clothes and threw them out of Sadie’s reach and attended to my now screaming baby. I decided that getting her dressed wasn’t as important as getting her fed so I scooped her up in her diaper and started feeding her.

That is when Sadie decided to start whining to go outside and go potty herself! I laid Harper down in her crib, she threw a fit, and I let Sadie out in the snow (yep, we got snow in April last night). I went back to feed Harper again until I heard that Sadie was ready to come inside. I laid Harper down once again, she freaked, and I went to let Sadie back in. That is when I saw that she was stuck. Her chain had been wrapped around too many times and she couldn’t come to the door. I had to go out with no shoes on, in my robe to let her back in.

I went into Harper’s room, finished feeding her, got her dressed, and was able to breathe again. Then I looked over and saw what it was all about.


My sweet baby girl, in her big girl outfit today laying by my very patient puppy. These girls make me smile everyday.


Then the especially cute one gives me this face. It reminds me that instead of freaking out over “Mommy Moments” I need to embrace them. They are bound to happen and that smile can get me through just about anything. Now to prewash THE onesie again…

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iPad or Tablet Padded Case Tutorial


So my sweet husband surprised me with an iPad. He’s the best ever. He got me a screen cover that turns into an easel too. I love it, but the problem is that it doesn’t cover the back of the iPad too.


I looked on Etsy for some iPad sleeves that I could get, but they were all between $35-$40 before shipping. I didn’t want to spend that kind of money on a sleeve that I knew I could make myself, and that I had plenty of fabric scraps to do it. So I did just that! I made one. You can too!


What you will need:

1/2 yd Batting

1/2 yd Minky

1/2 yd Fabric


Button (optional)

Thread, measuring tape, sewing machine, scissors, rotary cutter, and mat.


First, you want to measure your tablet. With my screen cover on it, it was about 9 1/2 x 7 1/2.


Now you will want to add about 2 inches to those numbers, so mine would be 11.5 x 9.5. Now you will take the number for your longer measurement and multiply it by 2. This will be how long your fabric will need to be cut. The other direction will be cut the size of your tablet with the added 2 inches. My fabric was cut to be 23 x 9.5. Cut out your minky, batting, and fabric all in that size.


They will look something like this.


Now turn your minky right side down and lay the batting on top of the wrong side.


Tack your batting onto your minky so that it won’t scrunch up inside. I tacked it on the ends and in the center.


Now lay the right side of the fabric against the right side of the minky.


Pin them together on the two long sides and one of the short sides. Sew them together, leaving one of the short sides open. Make sure to sew fairly close to the edge so you don’t end up making your pocket too small for your tablet.


Turn your pouch right side out.


Now iron your entire pouch. This will make your batting go a little more flat so that it isn’t so puffy and will make your seams flat and easy to work with. Now you will pin your right sides of the printed fabric together (hamburger style) with the shorter ends together. Sew along the longer edges. Don’t flip back to the right side out yet. Leave the minky facing out.


Now cut out another piece of your fabric. I cut mine to be about 15×6. This will end up being your tab to close the pouch.


Fold your fabric in half hot dog style (the long way) with right sides together and pin together one of the sort edges and the long edge. Sew those 2 edges.


Flip your fabric right side out.


Fold your fabric in half, hamburger style. Pin your 2 side edges and sew them. This is the cheater way of not having to deal with interfacing.


Now you will stuff your tab inside of the big opening you left open at the top of your pouch. Pin your tab there, and sew it to your opening. While you do that, be sure to fold over your raw edges of the pouch. Sew along the entire top of the pocket to close edges. Be sure to sew over the tab a few times to make sure it is sturdy.


Put your velcro on the inside of the tab. I used the sticky kind so that I wouldn’t have to sew it.


Stick the other side of the velcro to your velcro pieces on your tab and fold over as if you were closing your pouch. Now stick the other side of the velcro down to the fabric. Rip apart the velcro and be sure the other sides are sticking to the fabric.


Your case should look like this now. You are done if you don’t want to add a decorative button to it.


If you want to add a button, simply just sew a button to the front of your tab, by hand. I think it adds a lot of character to the case.


Now you are done and you have a protected tablet!

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Spring Cleaning Highlights

This year is my first time ever Spring Cleaning my own place. Now before you start judging me, thinking I am a total grossy, last year was the first Spring in an actual house of my own. We had moved in in January and I did all of the house scrubbing then so I didn’t really need to do it again in March. Before that, we were in apartments and you can basically “Spring Clean” in an afternoon in an apartment.

My Spring cleaning list is crazy long and maybe a little over the top, but it is feeling awesome to get things crossed off of my list!

I got the blankets, comforters, and sheets on every bed in the house washed.


I got my unorganized medicine basket, organized. I am in LOVE with it now. Here is before.


It was out of control and had a lot of expired medicine in it. I threw out the old stuff and organized the rest in categories of what the medicine was used for.


Now it is all in the basket, sitting pretty.


I scrubbed my baseboards, doors, switches, and vents.


The Melamagic cleaner I used to do it is AMAZING! Not only does it smell fantastic and cleans very well, but it is safe for my home and the environment.

I also wiped down my ceiling fans. I hate ceiling fans, but without AC in our house, they are a must. Check out this nasty rag from after this job! Ewww.


I cleaned out all of our closets and got rid of TONS of things. The laundry room counter got piled up full of treasures that needed to be hauled to the garage.


I got that all taken care of tonight. I am starting to feel like I am making major progress. Dave cleaned the window seals and swept out the garage, and I dusted the house behind every nook and cranny. I still have to do a few “regular chores” like sweep, mop, vacuum, clean bathrooms, etc. and then it is back to the last of the Spring cleaning like organizing the bathroom drawers, and cleaning up my craft area, then I can get back to my real life! What kind of crazy things do you have on your Spring Cleaning lists?

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