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About Me: Girl Loves Glam
I am a wife, mom, cosmetologist, beauty junkie, fashion lover, published author, Sour Patch Kids addict, and loyal friend. I have a crazy toddler who keeps my hands busy and my heart full. I am a wife to a hard working husband who is an online middle school teacher, published author, blogger, Twitter ninja, and grad student. We live in the great (very cold) state of Idaho. I have an unhealthy addiction to geometric shapes and patterns, I am obsessed with Netflix, and love exercise (so I can eat more Sour Patch Kids).
I absolutely love having projects to work on. Whether it is a new hair tutorial, makeup look, or an entire room makeover, you will always find me with a project (or 12) on my plate… and all over my house. I enjoy keeping my readers and YouTube followers involved in my life by bringing them along for the crazy ride I like to call life. I adore my readers and viewers and love getting to know them. I hope you hop on the ride and join me too!
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Jewelry Box Simple TUTORIAL!

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Do you realize how difficult it is to find a jewelry box? I had no idea until I was in the market for one. I would finally find one, then I would look at the price tag, only to find that it was anywhere between $25-$70! I was not going to spend that on a jewelry box for Harper’s room! I was able to make one for about $8, but I had a few of the items laying around the house, if you don’t already have items around your house, it would still only cost you about $15.
What you’ll need…
*Jewelry centerpieces/brooches (mine were on clearance)
*OPTIONAL- vinyl and vinyl cutter
1. Spray paint your entire plastic container and drawers. This spray paint is very high quality and it doesn’t take much to cover all of your surfaces.
2. Glue your jewelry pieces to your drawer pulls.
You are done if you don’t want to add the vinyl details!
3. If you do want to add vinyl detail, find the design you want to put on your box, and cut it out.
4. Put your vinyl on the sides of your container.
Now you have a legitimate looking jewelry box without much effort, time, or money spent!

Doily lamp knockoff TUTORIAL!

If you haven’t seen this lovely photo being pinned left and right, you probably live under a rock.


Well, I really wanted to make one of these lamps, UNTIL I saw that doilies could cost me between $3-10 each and I would have to use wallpaper glue. I wanted to come up with an alternative. Introducing the Doily Lamp Knockoff…


I knew that I was going to have no intensions of putting a light in my doily lamp, so my best alternative was a Chinese lantern. It may not look just like the doily lamp, but I am happy with my end result regardless!

Here is what you need…

*Vinyl, vinyl cutter, doily images, vinyl cutting software


*Purchase doily vinyl decals from my Etsy shop.

*Chinese lantern


If you are making the lantern using your own vinyl and cutter, purchase your doily images. Mine were purchased from Crestock. Edit your images, then cut them out on your vinyl in varied styles and sizes.

doily lamp1doily lamp2doily lamp3

For everyone…

Pop up your lantern and get it all assembled.

doily lamp5

Peel off one of your vinyl doilies and begin sticking it onto your lantern.

doily lamp6

As you stick the vinyl to your lantern, clip a few slits into it so that it lays on the round surface. It is best if these slits are distributed through the doily and not just in one place.

doily lamp7

Repeat these steps for all of your doilies until it is as covered as you would like with all of your different styles and sizes.

doily lamp9

It is that simple.

doily lamp10

I love the result!

doily lamp11

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Life at home

We brought Harper home from the hospital just over a week ago. There have been some things that have surprised me, and others that I pretty much expected.


Something that has surprised me, is how alert she is now! She is like a totally different baby! She doesn’t even really look like she did a week ago! I love just talking to her when she is wide eyed and awake. I knew that I would love being with her, but I didn’t realize how much I would love to hang out with her when she is so alert. One night, I was surprised to learn that she wanted to be alert all night long! Needless to say, Harper had a pretty grumpy mom when it got to be about 2:30 am and there was not one little ounce of sleep happening. Luckily, Harper has an awesome daddy who was willing to give this momma a break!


I knew that Dave would be a good daddy. When we were dating, I remember falling in love with him when he told me about wanting to have tea parties with his future daughter. He was so excited to become a dad, but I have still been surprised with just how involved he likes to be. It is so nice to be able to know that Dave will take care of Harper so that I can do things like blog, nap, or just therapeutically clean something! He talks to Harper constantly and makes up silly little songs all of the time. It has been such a neat experience to see him be a father and I am so blessed to have him be Harper’s daddy.


Something that I knew would be fun is dressing Harper up. The thing I was NOT expecting, was having such a teeny tiny baby that wouldn’t fit in anything she has! It is crazy to think that newborn sizes are too big. It is still pretty darn fun to get her dolled up and I am just now getting more comfortable with leaving her hats off sometimes. She is still supposed to have hats and layers on to help her regulate her temperature and build the fat she needs, but she has been doing pretty well, so she has a few days that she gets to go “hatless” and it is really fun to see her hair!


Speaking of her hair, I expected that Harper would have curly hair. Dave has curly/wavy hair, and I have curly hair. What I didn’t expect, was that it would be as curly as it is! There have been a few days that I have been able to scrunch it with baby lotion and it looks so darn cute. Most days, it is covered by a hat though. Did you notice her full cheeks and double chin emerging?


I can’t get over how much Harper has changed in the short nearly 3 weeks of her life, and just in the last week of being home. She is developing a personality and will even shoot us a little grin here and there. Needless to say, even with the lack of sleep, hours of pumping and trying to nurse, and the constant changing of diapers (along with the girl that seems to pee/poop on the fresh diaper before it even gets done up), I sure love this little girl!

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We had a feeling that our dog, Sadie would love Harper. We seriously underestimated how much she would love Harper.


Ever since their first meeting, Sadie rarely leaves Harper’s side. She likes to sniff her, give her kisses on the ears, and sometimes just rest her head on her.


If Harper is asleep somewhere, even if it is in a dark, lonely room, you can usually find Sadie either sleeping too, or just watching.


At times, we get a little frustrated with having to tell Sadie to get away from Harper, or to be soft, but I know that we are blessed to have such a sweet, special dog that loves our little girl so much. I know that these 2 will grow up to be the best of friends and I appreciate Sadie being such a good “big sister”.

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Hat makeover and flower tutorial

“Back to life. Back to reality.” That is how I am feeling. I just started catching up on household chores a little more today, and am starting to feel like I am getting more into the groove of things. That means you get to hear more from me again! First thing you get from me… a tutorial! It is small, simple, and sweet!


I love this hat. I love the shape and how it fits when I wear it. What I don’t love is that it has the logo from a salon I worked at years ago. I needed to do something to change that.


I am going to teach you how to make the black fabric and tulle flower I used on this hat. What you need to do first, is trace 7 circles onto the fabric you are using. I used the lid from some of my vitamins that is about 1 1/2 inches.


Cut out your circles. When you do, scallop the edges with your scissors. They don’t have to be perfect at all.


Cut out 12 tulle circles in the same size as your flower petals. I folded over the tulle so I only had to cut it once, but I got enough circles. If you cut out too many, that is alright. You can use them to make your flower more voluminous.


Place your tulle circles on top of your petals (All but 1 of them. The last one will be the base of your flower). I put 2 on each, but you can do any number of tulle layers that you would like.


Put a dot of hot glue in the center of your flower.


Fold flower in half and let the glue dry.


Put another dot of glue on the bottom, center of the flower.


Fold in half again and hold until glue dries.


Repeat those steps for all 6 of your petals. Remember not to do it for all 7 of your cut outs because one of them will be the base of your flower.


But a dot of hot glue on the center of your fabric base. Put one of your petals on the glue and let it dry. You may want to add more glue to keep it secure after you have it where you need it.


Add your second petal by putting another dot or line of glue on the base and placing the petal on top until the glue dries. Don’t worry if your petals overlap a little or are a little uneven.


Repeat the last few steps 2 more times so you have 4 petals glued to your flower base.


Put a glob of glue in the center of your flower.


Take last two petals and put pointed ends down in the glue. Hold them together until glue has dried. You can add more glue around the flower to make them more secure.


Now you have an adorable tulle and fabric 3D flower!


Now back to the hat… For the rest of the embellishments, I used a little strip of burlap, a rolled rose, and a felt flower that I made from this tutorial.


I decided where I wanted my flowers and burlap to go and then I went to town gluing them on!


I am so happy with the end result! I made this the day that my water broke. I haven’t been able to wear it yet, but I may or may not be planning my entire outfit around this hat today!


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My new favorite word

Is discharge. After 10 long days of Harper’s life being in the NICU, we finally heard the blessed words we had been waiting to hear. The doctor finally said she passed all of her tests and she could come home with us.


I was so overcome with joy and thanks. I knew that our prayers, and the many other kind supporters’ prayers were being answered. Our little Harper was going to be all ours!


She is so tiny in her car seat. I still can’t believe I am the mother to such a teeny baby! (Check out the size of Dave’s hands in comparison!)


It was a lot of fun to bring her home and to have my family come over with our dog, Sadie and my brother, Payton who hadn’t  met Harper yet because of strict age limits for NICU visitors. It was a really special moment to be a part of. Our first night brought all sorts of “adventures” including a dog crying nonstop, a panicked 3 am phone call to a nurse relative, and Dave sleeping on the floor in the nursery. This whole “mom” gig is going to be quite the journey!

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Surprises and sleepless nights

Well, some of you are probably wondering where on earth I went! Here’s a hint…


Harper came! She was 4 weeks early, and very unexpected, but we welcomed her into our family on January 4th. She was born a tiny 5 lbs 3 oz. but is a really long 19 inches! On Tuesday, (January 3rd) I woke up and was feeling a little nauseas. It was Dave’s first day back to school after the Christmas break so I laid around on bed rest with my puppy all day. I watched A LOT of Friday Night Lights on Netflix. I was so excited because one of our neighbors was bringing us dinner that night. She came over at about 5:30 pm and I was thrilled to try this soup she had raved about. I stood up to show her where to put it and we talked for a few minutes. Just then, I felt liquid drip down my leg. I didn’t say anything to my neighbor though. I was afraid that I had just lost a little bladder control. As soon as she left, Dave and I made a few phone calls and decided we needed to go to the hospital just to be safe. When we got there, they did a test and sure enough, my water had broken! We were having a baby!


The contractions didn’t really start until about 10:30 pm, but once they did, they came hard. They were all in my back. The monitor didn’t really pick them up much, which made me feel like a pansy, but eventually they were picking up a little more. Once I was dilated to a 3, things started moving more quickly. I got the epidural (greatest thing ever!) and I continued dilating very quickly. Before I knew it, it was time to push! I pushed for about an hour and wasn’t having much progress because she was posterior (meaning, her face was facing up). They started me on “pit” to make my body continue contracting and had me rest on my side for a few hours. Those hours went by so slowly, but eventually it was time to push again! I pushed again and then she came! She was SO tiny and swollen! We got to spend a little time with her and they took her to the NICU because she was premature. They didn’t see anything wrong with her and assumed she would only be in the NICU for 12-24 hours.

After 12 hours, they discovered that Harper was having a difficult time keeping her temperature up. They kept her in an open bed with a heating lamp on her to help her keep her temperature up. She started improving and we were told she would be coming home with us shortly (possibly even when I was discharged from the hospital on Friday).


We were just so excited to have our baby girl here. Well Friday came, and Harper’s temperature dropped again. It was time for me to be discharged from the hospital. There were many tears shed, and the nurses told us about their Transition Rooms. They are rooms for families with babies in the NICU. They are rented out, like a hotel room would be, but you are just a few steps away from your baby. I needed to be close to her because I feed her every 3 hours and we live about 20 minutes away from the hospital. Friday evening, Dave went to our house to pack up a few things that we needed to have. While he was there, he started throwing up! My mom went out to our house and packed for us, took care of Dave, and then stayed at the hospital with me that night. Dave needed to sleep and stay away from the tiny babies. That night, we found out that Harper had Jaundice.


It didn’t surprise me at all. Dave and I both had Jaundice, as well as both of my brothers. Harper was put on a bili blanket and was able to sleep in my room with me that night. I was excited, but didn’t get much sleep because I was freaking out about her being ok all night. It was so nice to have my mom’s help so that I wasn’t alone. The next day, Dave came back feeling much better. Harper’s temperature was up, her Jaundice was going down and things were looking great! Our doctor told us that he didn’t see any reason why she wouldn’t go home with us Sunday morning. We were so excited. That night, we had a horrible nurse. We had been so lucky to have fabulous nurses until that point. The doctors had switched so we had a new doctor in that didn’t know Harper’s back story and only had the information given by the nurse. Instead of the nurse telling him that Harper’s temperature had been high all day, and then had one lower temperature, she told him that she had a low temperature and that is it. I went back into the NICU to bundle her up more. I had a feeling she needed to be warmer. I was a little nervous to go back and do it with the nurse there, so I had Dave come back with me. I am so glad he came because when we walked back, she was in an incubator. It was a HUGE shock. It isn’t what any parent wants to see their tiny baby in, especially with no notice at all. We were angry. We hadn’t been asked or told it was happening, or given any good reason why she was in it. Saturday night was tough.

Sunday came around and we had a great nurse that had been with Harper before. Harper’s temperature started rising again and they were able to get her out of the incubator. She was eating a lot, had gained weight, and was producing enough diapers. The doctor came in and told us things were great. He had us go through discharge things, had her take her car seat challenge, and told us to plan on leaving Monday morning! We went home to clean up things in her nursery, crank up our heat, and get everything ready for her, then came back to the Transition Room to sleep with happy hearts.

I was woken up at 2 am by a knock on my door (Sunday night/Monday morning). It was our nurse. Harper’s temperature had dropped drastically. She needed to go back in the incubator. Our hopes were shot down once again. Now I sit here at 4:30 am wondering what is going to happen. She is getting some blood work done in less than an hour to see of there is more to her temperature dropping other than the fact that she is just premature. The results will take a few hours to get here though. I just wonder how much more of this I can take. I am wearing pretty thin. Dave is going back to work on Wednesday and we had totally planned on having a happy, healthy baby home by then. I don’t know what we’ll do about where we sleep when he starts going back to work. Each day, I know that these NICU bills are piling on more and more. My husband works so hard, but he is a school teacher. I have been blessed to be able to continue selling things on my Etsy shop, but I can’t help but stress. I just want our sweet, baby girl to be healthy at home.


I have faith that my Heavenly Father has a plan for us and that we have to go through this test to make us stronger. I am just really wondering when this test will be over! Sorry for the long, blabbering post. I have been kind of trying to avoid this, but I would like to have it all documented and want to share our experience with all of you great readers. I will continue to have faith and pray for our sweet Harper, and will keep you all updated!

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