DIY Blogger House

Is this real life? I freakin’ got to check out the amazing DIY Blogger House at a VIP party this week. If you are in the SLC area this weekend, you have GOT to check it out. Here are a few pictures from my night, and some of my favorite parts of the house…

The outdoor space- I absolutely love the floating daybed out on the patio. It is just beautiful. The architectural elements on the home were incredible too. I got cozy on the daybed with Ruthie and Staci and had plenty of laughs.


Rugs- Ok, I didn’t realize that I was obsessed with rugs until I got home and looked at my pictures. I took a million pictures of the rugs. they were fantastic.


Furniture- I could just die over how much I love the furniture in this house. The striped chairs, the green crib, the mismatched couch, Pac Man bed. I could go on for days.


Lighting- I loved all of the retro feeling lights that were throughout the house. The chandelier in one of the bedrooms almost makes it look like there is a design painted on the wall. A light in the pantry? One word. Genius.


The little details- I love the mirrors, the gorgeous sink in the mud room, the backsplash, and all of the tiny things that can be easily looked over.


I am so glad I was able to party it up with some of the most talented people I know and see all of the hard work that these guys have put into this DIY Blogger House.


Are you going to the Parade of Homes? If you won’t be around for it, check out the pictures and follow along on Twitter!


Hashtag #diybloggerhouse

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Easy Messy Bun Tutorial

During the summer, my hairstyles are much more relaxed and easy. I wear my hair curly or in a messy bun a lot. Many times, when I wear my hair in a messy bun, I am asked how to do it. I think it is easier to show someone how to do it than to explain it, so here is my take on the messy bun…
Easy Messy Bun Girl Loves Glam

It is pretty simple. To start, I just added a little volume on top. I don’t like my hair to be really big, but I don’t like it to be stuck to my head so I give myself a little volume. Then I put my hair in a ponytail. On the last loop, I don’t pull my hair all the way through the elastic so that it curves around like the picture shows.

Then I take pieces of my hair and stuff them back through the elastic. Continue doing this until you have created the basic shape of how you want your messy bun to look. It will look different every time.
After you have the basic shape, you can go back and put a few bobby pins in place to help it stay where you want it. Add a little hairspray to keep everything in tact.
You are done! Easy peasy.
Now go and enjoy the last leg of your lazy summer!

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Be a Better Blogger Week: Using Twitter

ultimatetwitterguide copy

I am SO excited about this topic. I need help with Twitter big time. If you follow me on Twitter, you probably agree with me! My husband is a Twitter ninja. He is so knowledgeable with this topic, I knew that he was just the guy to give us all a learning session on this topic! I’ll let him take it from here…

Stunner Shades
If I were to rank the best decisions I’ve made in my life, the top three would be 1) marrying a smokin’ hot wife, 2) fathering a child, and 3) signing up for Twitter. If you’re a frequent reader of Girl Loves Glam, you probably aren’t looking for a wife, and you physically cannot father a child, so I guess I’ll give you advice about #3, Twitter.
twitter banner
I recently signed up for an account on Twitter after reading an article about how teachers use Twitter to connect with other educators. Though the façade of the building I work in identifies it as an elementary school, if you were to see our staff picture, you would wrongly think it was a postcard from a retirement home. Connecting with educators beyond my immediate reach was a must. And Twitter was how I intended to do it.
Two weeks after making the conversion, I have 200+ followers, and my teaching blog has received 4,000+ unique page views from all around the world. Let me say that a different way. . . Twitter brought over 4,000 people to my blog . . . about being a teacher. Surely, your blog is more exciting than mine. Imagine what Twitter can do for you.
To an outsider looking in, the Twittersphere looks like a very scary place. It did for me, at least. But just like the boogey man, monsters in the closet, and male craft blogs, it’s all in your head. So, hold my hand as I walk you through an introduction to the amazing world of Twitter (that was meant to sound cheesy).
First things first. Sign up for an account. If you aren’t able to succeed at this step, close this web page and sell your computer. Once you do get yourself signed up, don’t do anything until you get rid of that egg picture. Replace it with one of you. Tweeters don’t like talking to eggs. They like talking to real people. After that, be sure to fill out the bio about who you are. Be sure to let your personality shine here. This is where potential followers are going to look when trying to decide whether to follow you or not. Use up as many characters as possible. A bio that says, “Mom, blogger, and church-goer” is super boring. Do what you do best, and accessorize it! Be sure to link your website or blog to this part of your Twitter page as well. That would be silly to forget that part.
Once you’ve established an introduction to you. Follow the Twitter account of the blogs that you already read. You might have noticed the Twitter icon on some of them. You can either click those, or Google search your favorite blogger with his or her name or blog name and “twitter” as a search keyword. Click on their page link in the search findings and select “Follow”. Some good blogger Twitter accounts to get you started are . . .
Tweets from the people you follow will show up in your Twitter thread (think of it as a Facebook newsfeed). Spend a bit o’ time each day reading through these, and you will quickly find others to follow as well. It is also nice to RT (re-tweet) tweets that you like. RT shares what you are reading with your followers (don’t worry about them yet). In the networking world of Twitter, RT a tweet is like complimenting someone on their shoes. If the tweep is somewhat down to earth, he or she will thank you for the RT.
Mentioning people is a great way to draw attention to your new Twitter account too. Mentions require using the “@” followed by a person’s Twitter handle. If you were to tweet “@DaveGuymon looks like he’s been working out.” That would show up on my news feed and under my personal “mentions” tab whether I am following you or not. It’s a simple way to get someone to know you exist in the Twittersphere. With my account I generally follow three types of people: those who share valuable links and resources (blogs, webpages, videos, tutorials), those who frequently RT my tweets, and those who mention me to their followers.
Many, if not most tweets will have some sort of phrase with the # symbol in front of it. A ( # ) is called a “hash tag”. Hash tags are used to categorize tweets. If I was at the SNAP! Conference and I wanted to tweet about it, I would tweet, “I just mod-podged a siiiick birdhouse #snapconf”, and my tweet would be seen by others following #snapconf. You will also see tweets that have a # in front of random phrases like, “Call Me Maybe is on the radio again #whenwilliteverstop”. Hash tags are used this way to be silly. But all other tweets that have #whenwilliteverstop will then be connected with my Tweet about ‘Call Me Maybe’. Don’t worry about understanding or memorizing all of the hash tags right away. THERE ARE A TON OF THEM. I frequently do Google searches for hash tags in education, and bookmark pages that list them for future reference.
Using # (hash tags) is also how you can participate in Twitter chats, which are the equivalent of informational water balloon fights. I promise you that you will be overwhelmed by Twitter chats the first few times that you encounter them. Find out how I keep my cool in a Twitter chat here. However, twitter chats are the quickest way to connect with other like minded people and to collect followers. Do them, and do them often.
Seriously, I just gave you a ton of arrows to put in your quiver (does that even make any sense?). Nevertheless, you are ready to Tweet. You can follow me @DaveGuymon. There’s also a good chance that you will find everything I say by searching #genius! Tweeting a link to this blog post is a great way to get started in your tweeting adventures. Tweeting links to your blog posts is step two.

Big thanks to my sweet husband for writing this post! He really is a Twitter know it all. He wrote a free Twitter ebook that is available on his website here too. It is FREE so go check it out here! 

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Be a Better Blogger Week: Windows Live Writer

Be A Better Blogger copy
How much are you loving this Be a Better Blogger series?! I’m learning so much from my guests. It’s my turn to talk to you now! I get to tell you about one of my all time favorite tools to use, Windows Live Writer. I use Blogger for my blog, but I rarely actually write my posts using Blogger. I LOVE the way Windows Live Writer works. I made you a little video to show you some of my favorite things about it…
Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.
I honestly can say that I can’t live without this. Many times, the Blogger servers have issues and won’t let anyone post to their blogs. Because I use Windows Live Writer, I haven’t ever had that problem. Do any of you use this? I’m obsessed.
On a side note, how did you like my first screencast video? Was it lame or sweet?
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Be a Better Blogger Week: Be a Contributor

Can I just tell you how excited I am to have a CELEBRITY on the blog today? You guys have probably all heard about this crazy fast growing blog called My Sister’s Suitcase, right? Well, you get the pleasure of hearing from Nat today! These girls are super amazing, funny, adorable, and everything that is good in the world. I am so excited that they are helping us all to become better bloggers!

Hi! I’m Nat, {one half of the sister-duo} from My Sister’s Suitcase! My sister Holly and I live in different states and started blogging to have a place to share our crazy ideas and work on something together. She is the best older sister (even though she’s so gorgeous that people always think she’s younger) and closest friend. We’ve been blogging for almost one year now, and it has been a fun, crazy, busy ride!

We met McKenzie at SNAP in April and had SO much fun getting to know her! Seriously, she let me hang out with her and her awesome friends for dinner one night when I was sister-less. We had a blast. {That’s us in the back. Yeah, check out all the cool bloggers at that table. Whoa!}

And NOW, I’m super jealous because McKenzie and Holly live by each other and get to do fun bloggy stuff together! Anyway, we are excited to be a part of Girl Loves Glam’s “Be A Better Blogger Week”! I feel like we are still so new to blogging and have a ton to learn, so I’m looking forward this week! Today we’re sharing what we do know about being contributors. {And if you’re totally new to blogging, that means writing a post regularly for another blog/or website.} About 8 months into our blogging adventure, we were approached by a few blogs asking if we would be interested in being monthly contributors. Holly & I were so flattered because we still feel so new! So how did we get noticed? Good question! We have a couple ideas to share with you on what seems to have worked well for us. 1. Content When Holly &  I started our blog, we honestly were just starting to start. We didn’t know what we were doing (and sometimes still don’t – Ha!) but we knew we wanted to have original ideas. On My Sister’s Suitcase we try to strive for original and quality content. That’s really hard sometimes! We rarely do round-ups or filler posts and that means we don’t post every single day. We recently asked one of the bloggers we are contributors for what made our blog stand out, and this was her answer: quality, original content. If you haven’t heard it before, that’s one of the things we have heard from our mentors in the blogging world over and over. The first year (or years) you really need to build up your blog through great content, original projects and quality tutorials.

{Note: we don’t have anything against blogs who do otherwise, and we have definitely not had amazing mind-blowing ideas for every post!} 2. Getting your stuff out there! Yes, linking up to Parties is still a huge way to drive traffic to your blog and get your ideas out there. They are time-consuming, but in the beginning we felt that was the best way to get our name and our content noticed. There are a few other things we have also done.

  • Social Media {Facebook, Twitter} 
  • Pinterest – Add “Pin It” buttons to every single post under your main picture(s) of your project Here’s how to do it! Pin It Buttons
  • E-mail blogs you like and give them examples of some of your greatest projects (only 2-3 and include great pictures)
  • Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there! Last Christmas, Holly sent one of her project ideas to some of her favorite bloggers/websites and it totally paid off! A Utah Daytime TV Show loved it and asked if they could feature it and do a live Skype chat with her on the show! So fun!

3. Quality Pictures of your Projects In the world of blogging, the quality of your pictures is one of the first things people notice…. so make a good impression! For small blogs like us, we are most often found by a pin of one of our projects on Pinterest. In fact, that is how we were discovered for our first contributor gig. You can have the most creative idea in the world, but if you have a bad picture of it, you are really discrediting yourself and your blog. Now, I am in no way saying that we have amazing pictures of all of our projects…. we don’t. BUT, we have taken the time to learn some photo editing and simple tricks to make the most of what we have.

Holly uses an old point-and-shoot camera for everything she’s done on the blog, and her pictures look pretty dang good! I honestly think editing your pictures and making some nice “pin-friendly” images, is one of the best investments of your time as a new blogger. Okay….  So once you have built up your content, have great pictures, and make it easy for people to find your projects {via link parties, Pinterest, etc.} what do you do next? I promise you WILL get noticed. One of our favorite blog mentors told us this, “The cream always rises to the top.” If you are consistently putting great content out there, it won’t be long before you might be contacted to be a contributor for one of your favorite blogs. When this happens, here are a few things that you should know…. 1. Most blogs require some type of contract/commitment from you when you agree to become a contributor – anywhere from 3 months to a year. So make sure you can really commit before you say YES! 2.  You may or may not be offered monetary compensation for writing your contributor posts. As a general rule of thumb, guest posts are not usually paid opportunities, but monthly contributor posts often are paying jobs. The amount you are paid will depend on several factors, but don’t sell yourself short! After all, you will be spending time {and often money} on your contributor project so don’t feel guilty expecting a little something in return.

If you aren’t paid, that’s okay too! More often than not, the exposure itself is well worth the time and effort it takes to be a contributor. 3. You will need to provide original content for all contributor posts, and each blog will have their own rules about when you can re-post it on your own blog. So make sure you are aware of their guidelines ahead of time. We have really enjoyed our contributor gigs so far! We have made some great connections within the blog community, and gained more subscribers to our blog and other social media sites. I hope this has inspired you to put your blog out there and seek opportunities that might be a little outside of your comfort zone. It will definitely pay off! Thanks for letting us join in your series McKenzie!

Find us here:
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Be a Better Blogger Week: Put Yourself Out There

Be A Better Blogger copy

I am PUMPED about this series! I have readers asking me questions about being a better blogger, and honestly, I need the help just as much as someone with 2 followers. I can’t wait to learn from all of the awesome guests I have lined up for this series. Our first guest is one of my favorite people. I met her at Snap and I instantly came to adore her…

I feel so honored to be a guest today talking about “putting yourself out there”. I am Staci and I blog over at The Potters – Place. I blog about things we are creating, making, DIY-ing, and doing at our place.

I blog for fun, but blogging is A LOT of work. I have been blogging for a while now. At first my best friend was the only one who ever read it!!! I really wanted to teach or inspire someone {besides her} to take what you’ve got and make it work. So I asked a few blogging friends what I could do to get others to read my blog. This is the tricky part. You have to link up to other people’s blogs and get involved with other bloggers to help drive traffic to your blog. I LOVE people and I LOVE talking/getting to know new people. I know this has helped me put myself out there. Now, I have to tell you that it hasn’t always been easy. I went to a blogger’s conference and I was a loner for some of the time because I didn’t reallly know anybody. Sometimes I was nervous and just wanted to get in my car and go home. But I stuck it out and ended up meeting the most amazing people ever. {This is how I met McKenzie. We became instant friends. I just wish she lived closer!} I also had to get over worrying that I didn’t have a big blog or that I wasn’t like others who had successful blogs.

I AM ME!!!

That is what is so GREAT about blogging. You get to show others what makes you who YOU are!

I used to be so nervous about what people thought about my blog but was encouraged to write like I was talking to another person and not to worry about being perfect. That helped a lot. I didn’t have to be someone who I wasn’t.

Ask yourself, “Why do I visit people’s blogs?” It’s usually because you like what they do and who they are. Just be you!!! Do your thing, link your posts to other blogs, and leave a comment on posts that you like {I need to work on this}. Guest posting on other blogs {like I did today} is another way to get yourself out there.

Figure out your goals, be proud of what you do, and DO IT!!!

Get out of your comfort zone and you will not regret it. It is fun to get comments or emails from readers who just created something inspired by something you did.

I have had some amazing experiences. I met a local daytime TV host and told her about my glitterized laundry room. Next thing I knew I was on her show. If I wouldn’t have put myself out there that wouldn’t have happened.

I am limited with my time. As you can see I have 2 little girls and I love spending time with them. My family is my priority! Since I blog for fun, I blog when I want. I have done a few posts for trade or pay. Of course, these posts have to be done by a deadline. How do I balance everything? I make crafting and blogging part of my life. My craft room is kid friendly. We paint, make messes, and have a blast. While I work on projects my girls work on theirs or with with me. We do alot as a family. They don’t even know we are working. My girls are so creative. I don’t want to have my kids remember me as the one behind the computer all the time and not spending time with them so I craft during the day and blog during nap times, while they are at friends, during a movie, or when they are in bed. I feel very blessed because I have the support I need from my family. They are my biggest fans!

I kinda joke and say that bloggers are in their own world! Well, we kind of are! Put yourself out there. What have you got to loose? Make some new friends{you will be glad you did}, and just BE YOU!!!

Thank you so much Staci for the amazing post. I can’t agree with her more about getting out of your comfort zone. Sometimes you just have to step out there and say “Here I go! Take me as I am!” and go for it. I am a huge advocate for linking up at link parties. I would guess that a lot of you found my blog from another blog or from Pinterest. Well most of those pins came from blogs that I linked up at. Link! Link! Link! I can’t stress it enough. If you don’t know where to link up, do a quick Google search and you will find plenty. A lot of times, one link party can lead to another one too. Also, I really recommend commenting on other blogs. I feel like I have gotten to know some of my favorite bloggers because of commenting. That also leads me to getting to know other bloggers… Take a chance and go to a blogger meet up, a conference, or event! I went to the Snap conference alone, but I was able to make the greatest contacts and friendships there. As Staci put it, just BE YOU! The blogger world is all about originality. If you are just YOU, you can’t be anything BUT original!

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Express Yourself!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Revlon for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am so excited to tell you guys about something GREAT I got to try. I was challenged by Revlon to express myself with the Revlon Expression Experiment.

exp_exp_logo.jpg (2 documents, 2 total pages)

What is the Revlon Expression Experiment? It is a way that Revlon is daring people to jump out of their comfort zones and try something new! They sent me some fun makeup goodies to try so that I could push myself out of my comfort zone. I felt a little bit like Goldilocks when trying to decide what would really push my comfort zone when I saw what they sent me. The red lipstick was fun, but I wear it all of the time, the nail polish was also exciting and trendy, but I wear bright colors often. That is when I noticed the eye shadow.

I knew that if I was going to get out of my comfort zone, I was going to have to try the blue eye shadow, My eyes were also drawn to the makeup primer. I wear primer, but I haven’t ever used the eye brightener before. It would would be a first for me again, so I thought, why the heck not? This was me before the makeup…



First I tried the makeup primer. It made my skin so silky smooth and it made the bags under my eyes disappear! It is a miracle!


I was still a little in my comfort zone, so I needed to do something a little more wild. That is when the blue eye shadow came into play. I followed the diagram on the back of the package, and surprisingly I didn’t feel like I was 13 years old again. I felt like I needed to go out on a hot date.

eye shadoweye shadow2

How else can you challenge yourself with make up?


I encourage you all to take this challenge. Challenge yourself in a way you didn’t think was possible. I have recently by deciding to run a 5K. This is something I never thought would be humanly possible for me. I guess I will see if it actually is on August 4th! How can you challenge yourself and express yourself? I would love to hear what you are going to do!

Visit Sponsor's Site

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Turn a box cabinet into a custom cabinet in minutes!


Who is jealous of my new bathroom cabinet?! I am over on the Expressions Vinyl blog teaching you how to get a custom cabinet look in literally, minutes. It rocks. I will see you over there!

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Indoor Photography Tips

indoorphotographytips copy
I have absolutely loved learning how to use my DSLR camera and all of my accessories for it. I feel like my photos have gotten much better and I have become a lot more knowledgeable about photography. Last week, my mom had me take some pictures of her house because they put it up for sale a few weeks ago, but she wanted better pictures taken for her house listing.
I was excited to help my mom out, and get to play with my camera some more. I took a little photography course online, read a photography book, and have done a lot of research on photography, but it was nice to do some hands on learning. Why is photographing an interior difficult? Here are a few key reasons…
*Lighting- The sun isn’t inside your house, therefore it is darker in there! You have to learn how to make more light come into your camera without the full sun.
*Uneven lighting- Even when there is a window in the room, it can be difficult to make a room evenly lit because of more light hitting certain areas.
*White balance- White balance is just the fancy term of how your camera sees the color white. It has to adjust under different types of light.
Those are just a few of the reasons why taking photos inside can be difficult, but hopefully these tips can help you. Keep in mind, that none of the photos that are in this post have been edited anymore than just cropping and adding text. These are raw photos to help you learn!
1st thing is 1st. ISO. The ISO determines how much grain shows in your photos. For crisp, clean photos, I suggest using a 200 ISO for shooting interiors. Keep in mind, this is for photos with no movement in them at all. If you are taking photos of people inside, you will most likely have to have a higher ISO. Once I set my camera’s ISO to 200, I didn’t have to really think about it again.
Set your aperture. This will determine how much depth of field is in focus. Because I wanted the entire area I was shooting to be in focus, my f stop number was set to 1/16. This is also something I didn’t have to think about again while taking these photos because I knew I would always want the entire room to be in focus.
Tripod- This is essential in photographing interiors. The photo above was taken in a basement. I didn’t want the lights on because it would make the colors look funky. It made the room too dark to take a decent photo without a tripod. I had to set my shutter speed down to 30 seconds to capture this shot. This room is exactly these colors. I couldn’t have done this without a tripod.
Now to shutter speeds. I was just talking about them a little, but what is the big deal about shutter speeds? Like I was saying earlier, the interior of a house just doesn’t have the natural light that you can use when you are outside. By slowing down the shutter speed, the camera is able to bring in more light so that the picture is brighter. You will have to play around with this a little bit. If the photo is too bright, it will make parts of the photo disappear because of too much light being in that spot. Look at the photo above. I took one picture with a very slow shutter speed and I couldn’t see the lockers at all, but once I took the shutter speed up a little, it was still bright, but you could see the lockers!
Lighting in the room- Check out the lighting in each room that you photograph. Try not to use the lights in the room. Try to only use natural light to create more natural looking photos. There will be times when you need to turn on lights because the room is just too dark, but you will have to adjust your white balance to work with the lights too. I will get more into that later. In the photo above, it was taken in the basement. I couldn’t get the lighting that I wanted without turning the lights on.
With that in mind, remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some people may prefer the photo of the projection screen above with the lights on, some may like it with the lights off more. Use your discretion with this and do what you think looks best.
Remember to adjust your camera settings. From room to room, even different angles of the same room, you need to adjust your camera settings. For me, all this meant was adjusting my shutter speed. Not all rooms are lit the same way. Be sure to adjust for each room. The bathroom above, was lit much more than the basement photos. I needed to have a faster shutter speed for it than I did for the basement photos.
Create even lighting. In the pictures above, this room has one (functional) window in it. Because the light was coming in it so brightly, it would have made the lighting in this room very uneven. This window shade still was able to bring in enough light, but I was able to create even lighting so that no matter where I took the photos in this room, they were all evenly lit.
Take several pictures of the same thing. Maybe you feel a little silly clicking over and over again without moving your camera at all, but if you take photos with different shutter speeds, you are able to find the perfect settings for that photo. In the photo on the left (above), the bathtub is lit nicely, but the light makes the detailing on the window disappear. When I adjusted the shutter speed higher, it made the detail show, but the tub was too dark. When I went right in the middle, I was able to see the detail in the window, and have the tub nicely lit.
When the light is behind you, magical things happen. When taking pictures of my brother’s room above, I couldn’t cover his window because he doesn’t have blinds on it, so I had to change my angle to bring the light behind me. This makes for a much more evenly lit room and a lot prettier photo in general.
Staying with the theme of where the light is coming from, you need to use your discretion with this too. Where I was taking photos for my mom so that it would show off the great things about her house, I wanted to be sure to show off some of the great windows that she has. These photos above are great examples of having the light from some of her big windows just spilling into the room.
I mentioned this before, but white balance is so important to play with too. All of the photos above were taken of my mom’s awesomely humongous storage room. This room is lit with fluorescent lights. I had to be sure to adjust my white balance to make up for the fluorescent lights. Fluorescent lights give off a blue tint to them so I needed to adjust to make the white wall turn white. Once the white turns white, you have the correct white balance.
Now my last tip has less to do with interior photos and more to do with taking photos of a home you are trying to sell. When taking real estate photos, be sure to photograph things that make the house unique. Make it stand out in the crowd, such as all of the great closets in my mom’s house and her amazing bake center with all of her small appliances and baking supplies tucked away in a cabinet. Sell your potential buyers on what makes your house AWESOME.
I hope you can learn from these tips! If you are interested in seeing more photos of my mom’s house or need more photography advice, email me! Remember I am no professional, but I love to share my new knowledge with others. If you want to see the house listing (with the old photos) look here.

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Strawberry & Strawberry Lemon Fizz Drinks


A few days ago, my sweet mom brought me some lunch. Included in that lunch was the most amazing drink I have ever tasted. It was a Diet Sprite with strawberry syrup and fresh strawberries in it. I instantly fell in love, but wasn’t a fan of knowing there was syrup in it. I wanted to create my own version of this with no syrup and more flavor options! Strawberry and strawberry-lemon. Yum.

Recipe time!
Well as far as recipes go, this is about as easy as it gets. All you need is Diet 7 up or any other lemon-lime soda, a lemon (for the strawberry-lemon flavor), and strawberries.
Pour the 7 up in cups. Add ice if it is needed. Slice the fruit. Stick it in the cups.
Guys. This is seriously good. Not only do you get the strawberry taste, but you also get to munch on the fruit when you are done with the drink. It is such a refreshing drink for the summertime and it isn’t chuck full of calories like many drinks can be.
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