Making a Rental House a Home

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CORT. All opinions are 100% mine.

I get a lot of comments and emails from readers who are discouraged about taking on a room design project because they are renting. I love it when someone emails me with that dilemma because that also means that they saw that I have been able to overcome the renter dilemma and create rooms that really do feel like our own.

When we first started renting at our townhouse, I was also discouraged. I was discouraged about the fact that I couldn’t paint the walls, refinish the cabinets, replace the flooring, etc. I will admit that I was stuck in that phase longer than I care to admit. One day it finally clicked. Just because I was renting that place didn’t mean I needed to treat it that way. I could make that house my home. That attitude has continued as we moved again to another rental home. I didn’t waste any time when we moved here because I wanted to create a home right away.

There are definitely some tips that I have for creating an awesome space without investing too much money or leaving too big of a footprint behind when you are renting.

When decorating, use picture hanging strips for every item that you possibly can when you are hanging things up. I love that they don’t leave behind any trace of it being there when it is time to take it all down. If you are hanging something up that would require an anchor, use a specialty hook nail that only leaves behind a nail hole but hooks in through the wall to be able to hold the weight that an anchor would. You don’t want to put too many large holes in a rental house wall, so these tips are vital.

Use vinyl and reusable wall stickers to add character to a room without using paint. You can create incredible rooms with the help of vinyl. I love the thoughts of adding stripes to a room, without the paint!

When you need different furniture for rooms in your house, think about renting the furniture instead of purchasing it. We put off purchasing a king sized bed because I was too worried that we wouldn’t be able to have space in each rental house for a bed that big. We went ahead and bought one anyway, but now I wish we would have looked into renting one instead. Each house is different and needs different types of furniture, so renting a few pieces would be a smart choice. CORT Furniture Rental is a furniture rental service that is a great option when you are in times of transition in your life. It is furniture on-demand and is there when you need it and can be gone when you don’t need it anymore. Next time you are transitioning a room or moving to a new space, think about the space and rent furniture instead of purchasing it.

I hope you can use these tips to create a home out of your next rental house! Don’t wait to turn your space into a home, do it now!

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