Free Bag=Business Bag

How many times do you get these free bags from places and not know what to do with it? Here is your solution! Come find me at Expressions Vinyl Blog today to make your own, personalized bag out of a free bag!


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Chevron Spring Cardigan

I know that a lot of you were pretty excited about the makeover I gave my cardigan on my productive Sunday. Well, the wait is over and you can make one too!


I made a tutorial for you to turn any drab cardigan into your favorite piece of clothing! I guest posted this tutorial on the Expressions Vinyl Blog.


Meet me over there, and create one of these lovelies with me!

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iPad or Tablet Padded Case Tutorial


So my sweet husband surprised me with an iPad. He’s the best ever. He got me a screen cover that turns into an easel too. I love it, but the problem is that it doesn’t cover the back of the iPad too.


I looked on Etsy for some iPad sleeves that I could get, but they were all between $35-$40 before shipping. I didn’t want to spend that kind of money on a sleeve that I knew I could make myself, and that I had plenty of fabric scraps to do it. So I did just that! I made one. You can too!


What you will need:

1/2 yd Batting

1/2 yd Minky

1/2 yd Fabric


Button (optional)

Thread, measuring tape, sewing machine, scissors, rotary cutter, and mat.


First, you want to measure your tablet. With my screen cover on it, it was about 9 1/2 x 7 1/2.


Now you will want to add about 2 inches to those numbers, so mine would be 11.5 x 9.5. Now you will take the number for your longer measurement and multiply it by 2. This will be how long your fabric will need to be cut. The other direction will be cut the size of your tablet with the added 2 inches. My fabric was cut to be 23 x 9.5. Cut out your minky, batting, and fabric all in that size.


They will look something like this.


Now turn your minky right side down and lay the batting on top of the wrong side.


Tack your batting onto your minky so that it won’t scrunch up inside. I tacked it on the ends and in the center.


Now lay the right side of the fabric against the right side of the minky.


Pin them together on the two long sides and one of the short sides. Sew them together, leaving one of the short sides open. Make sure to sew fairly close to the edge so you don’t end up making your pocket too small for your tablet.


Turn your pouch right side out.


Now iron your entire pouch. This will make your batting go a little more flat so that it isn’t so puffy and will make your seams flat and easy to work with. Now you will pin your right sides of the printed fabric together (hamburger style) with the shorter ends together. Sew along the longer edges. Don’t flip back to the right side out yet. Leave the minky facing out.


Now cut out another piece of your fabric. I cut mine to be about 15×6. This will end up being your tab to close the pouch.


Fold your fabric in half hot dog style (the long way) with right sides together and pin together one of the sort edges and the long edge. Sew those 2 edges.


Flip your fabric right side out.


Fold your fabric in half, hamburger style. Pin your 2 side edges and sew them. This is the cheater way of not having to deal with interfacing.


Now you will stuff your tab inside of the big opening you left open at the top of your pouch. Pin your tab there, and sew it to your opening. While you do that, be sure to fold over your raw edges of the pouch. Sew along the entire top of the pocket to close edges. Be sure to sew over the tab a few times to make sure it is sturdy.


Put your velcro on the inside of the tab. I used the sticky kind so that I wouldn’t have to sew it.


Stick the other side of the velcro to your velcro pieces on your tab and fold over as if you were closing your pouch. Now stick the other side of the velcro down to the fabric. Rip apart the velcro and be sure the other sides are sticking to the fabric.


Your case should look like this now. You are done if you don’t want to add a decorative button to it.


If you want to add a button, simply just sew a button to the front of your tab, by hand. I think it adds a lot of character to the case.


Now you are done and you have a protected tablet!

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Organization Board Tutorial!

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Organization Board Family Command Center tutorial on
I was sick and tired of having lists everywhere. A to do list, grocery list, menu list, and schedule. It was time to put all of my junk in one place! After much research and deep thought, I finally came up with my perfect organization board. It is a command center for my family so we can all keep our lives straight!
Organization Board
A clip for receipts. A whiteboard calendar.
A pen/marker holder. Whiteboard To Do list.
A whiteboard menu. A whiteboard cleaning list.
Clip for the ongoing grocery list.
Now for you to make one of your very own! Here is what you will need…
19×31 inch piece of plywood
2 5×7 frames (found at the dollar store)
2 8 1/2×11 document frames (found at the dollar store)
glue gun
paper print outs
First, paint your plywood. Remember to paint the edges too.
I used a paint color sample of Martha Stewart Sultana.
Optional- Put your chevron print vinyl on the board.
Cut off the edges of the vinyl.
Lay your picture frames our on the board to determine where you will put them.
Print out the menu, to do list, calendar, grocery lists, and cleaning list. The cleaning list can be found on Brown Paper Packages here. The rest, I made, and you can take for yourself!
UPDATE- I made my own chore list that you can find HERE! Due to the amount of requests I was receiving, I now have a listing on my Etsy shop for these printables that are customized for you. You can find that listing HERE.
Chore List
Calendar- Print 8×10 on colored paper
Calendar copy
Grocery lists- Print several 8×10 copies and cut apart.
groceries copy
Menu- Print 5×7 copy.
menu copy
To Do- Print 5×7 copy.
to do copy
Take the glass out of your frames. Put hot glue around the inside edges of the frame and replace glass, gluing the glass to the frame.
Put printed papers in their frames and clips.
Paint your paper mache box. I painted mine a very light blue.
Measure where you want your picture hangers to be on the back of the board and nail them in place.
Get your Command Strips and distribute them to each of your frames and clips.
Put the Command Strips on the backs of the frames and place them where you want them on your board.
Hang up your board, and fill it in with all of your lists!
Command Center
I am basically obsessed with this. Not only is it a fun piece of art in my home, but it is totally functional!
Organization Center


Because you loved this organization post so much, I just know you will love these other cleaning and organization posts I have done too! Click on the photo to take you to each of the posts…
Home Office Organization
Laundry Organization Center
Jewelry Organizer

Jewelry Box Simple TUTORIAL!

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Do you realize how difficult it is to find a jewelry box? I had no idea until I was in the market for one. I would finally find one, then I would look at the price tag, only to find that it was anywhere between $25-$70! I was not going to spend that on a jewelry box for Harper’s room! I was able to make one for about $8, but I had a few of the items laying around the house, if you don’t already have items around your house, it would still only cost you about $15.
What you’ll need…
*Jewelry centerpieces/brooches (mine were on clearance)
*OPTIONAL- vinyl and vinyl cutter
1. Spray paint your entire plastic container and drawers. This spray paint is very high quality and it doesn’t take much to cover all of your surfaces.
2. Glue your jewelry pieces to your drawer pulls.
You are done if you don’t want to add the vinyl details!
3. If you do want to add vinyl detail, find the design you want to put on your box, and cut it out.
4. Put your vinyl on the sides of your container.
Now you have a legitimate looking jewelry box without much effort, time, or money spent!

Doily lamp knockoff TUTORIAL!

If you haven’t seen this lovely photo being pinned left and right, you probably live under a rock.


Well, I really wanted to make one of these lamps, UNTIL I saw that doilies could cost me between $3-10 each and I would have to use wallpaper glue. I wanted to come up with an alternative. Introducing the Doily Lamp Knockoff…


I knew that I was going to have no intensions of putting a light in my doily lamp, so my best alternative was a Chinese lantern. It may not look just like the doily lamp, but I am happy with my end result regardless!

Here is what you need…

*Vinyl, vinyl cutter, doily images, vinyl cutting software


*Purchase doily vinyl decals from my Etsy shop.

*Chinese lantern


If you are making the lantern using your own vinyl and cutter, purchase your doily images. Mine were purchased from Crestock. Edit your images, then cut them out on your vinyl in varied styles and sizes.

doily lamp1doily lamp2doily lamp3

For everyone…

Pop up your lantern and get it all assembled.

doily lamp5

Peel off one of your vinyl doilies and begin sticking it onto your lantern.

doily lamp6

As you stick the vinyl to your lantern, clip a few slits into it so that it lays on the round surface. It is best if these slits are distributed through the doily and not just in one place.

doily lamp7

Repeat these steps for all of your doilies until it is as covered as you would like with all of your different styles and sizes.

doily lamp9

It is that simple.

doily lamp10

I love the result!

doily lamp11

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Hat makeover and flower tutorial

“Back to life. Back to reality.” That is how I am feeling. I just started catching up on household chores a little more today, and am starting to feel like I am getting more into the groove of things. That means you get to hear more from me again! First thing you get from me… a tutorial! It is small, simple, and sweet!


I love this hat. I love the shape and how it fits when I wear it. What I don’t love is that it has the logo from a salon I worked at years ago. I needed to do something to change that.


I am going to teach you how to make the black fabric and tulle flower I used on this hat. What you need to do first, is trace 7 circles onto the fabric you are using. I used the lid from some of my vitamins that is about 1 1/2 inches.


Cut out your circles. When you do, scallop the edges with your scissors. They don’t have to be perfect at all.


Cut out 12 tulle circles in the same size as your flower petals. I folded over the tulle so I only had to cut it once, but I got enough circles. If you cut out too many, that is alright. You can use them to make your flower more voluminous.


Place your tulle circles on top of your petals (All but 1 of them. The last one will be the base of your flower). I put 2 on each, but you can do any number of tulle layers that you would like.


Put a dot of hot glue in the center of your flower.


Fold flower in half and let the glue dry.


Put another dot of glue on the bottom, center of the flower.


Fold in half again and hold until glue dries.


Repeat those steps for all 6 of your petals. Remember not to do it for all 7 of your cut outs because one of them will be the base of your flower.


But a dot of hot glue on the center of your fabric base. Put one of your petals on the glue and let it dry. You may want to add more glue to keep it secure after you have it where you need it.


Add your second petal by putting another dot or line of glue on the base and placing the petal on top until the glue dries. Don’t worry if your petals overlap a little or are a little uneven.


Repeat the last few steps 2 more times so you have 4 petals glued to your flower base.


Put a glob of glue in the center of your flower.


Take last two petals and put pointed ends down in the glue. Hold them together until glue has dried. You can add more glue around the flower to make them more secure.


Now you have an adorable tulle and fabric 3D flower!


Now back to the hat… For the rest of the embellishments, I used a little strip of burlap, a rolled rose, and a felt flower that I made from this tutorial.


I decided where I wanted my flowers and burlap to go and then I went to town gluing them on!


I am so happy with the end result! I made this the day that my water broke. I haven’t been able to wear it yet, but I may or may not be planning my entire outfit around this hat today!


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The TABLE and CHAIRS tutorial!

The moment we have all been waiting for is finally here.
Isn’t my new set up the cutest thing you have ever seen? I am so in love. It was a lot of hard work to get it to this point, but I am so glad that I did it. This is what I did…
Your first step, is to sand everything down. I didn’t take pictures of this, but you’ll want to sand it all.
Then you need to prime it. For the chairs, I used tinted (gray) primer on the blue and purple chairs. I used white primer on the yellow and red chairs. For the table, I used the tinted primer on the legs and white primer on the table top.
Now it is time to get out some color! For the chairs, I knew that I wouldn’t need a lot of paint for each of them. A great little tip is to just purchase the paint testers. Most of the chairs only used one. The yellow chair needed another bottle.
I announced what colors I was using here, but when I got to the store, they didn’t have Rich Raisin. I substituted it for Regal Purple. All of the colors went on great, or at least I thought they did…
Until I got to the red chair. The paint just wasn’t covering like the other paint colors had. I put 2 coats of paint on all of the chairs and the red one still only looked like there was 1 coat on it. Something had to be fixed.
Luckily, my mom had some extra paint that we had used to paint my bedroom at her house when I was in high school. It worked perfectly! I was so excited once I had all of the paint on my chairs because that meant I could start painting my table! I was sure to paint the entire top white, and the legs and edges black. I put 3 coats of white on the top, and 2 coats of black on the legs and edges. Then I measured the entire table. I knew I wanted 4 black stripes and 3 white stripes. I took the entire measurement of the table and divided it by 7 to get the measurement of each stripe. I marked the measurements on each side of the table and then taped it off.
The white is already painted, so be sure to put the edges of the tape right where you want the black paint to go to. I wanted to be sure that I didn’t paint something black that was supposed to be white, so I labeled the black stripes with the letter “B”.
I put 3 coats of paint on each black stripe. Everything looked good, but I wanted it all to look glossy, polished, and be protected. I used Minwax Polycrylic clear gloss over everything. When using it, I was sure to have thin coats and to coat everything 3 times.
I am so glad I went to all of the work of putting the clear gloss because everything turned out beautifully!
My favorite chair is the Peacock Blue one. It is such a rich, stunning color. I nicknamed him “Little Blue”. Dave teased me for it, and maybe it was the paint fumes getting to me, but I love the name.
Overall, the project was a lot of work, but SO worth it! Now to just make some things as a centerpiece! I have some ideas!
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Home Address Plaque TUTORIAL

I am excited to share this easy tutorial with you to help bring a little more curb appeal to your home! Have you ever been searching for a house and can’t find it because the people don’t have their freaking house number anywhere to be found? It is a pet peeve of mine, and I realized that I WAS one of those people! It had to come to an end. And fast. This is what I have now…
#address #plaque #diy #easy
Isn’t it so cute? I love it! A few months ago, I got the Lowes Creative Ideas magazine in the mail and they had one of these plaques in it but for what they used, it was going to cost $68 and that just wasn’t ok with me. If you want to spend the money, go on their site and they have instructions there. This is what theirs looks like.
I love it! Just not the price. I did want to give them my business because they came up with the idea, so I did buy everything you will see me use at Lowes. Dave and I went to Lowes to find some cheap lumber to make our plaque when he saw this.
It is a wooden plant caddy with wheels on it. It was the perfect find and the perfect price! I had to take a picture of it while we were there. Dave is thinking “I am trying to make posing with a plant caddy (whatever that is) in the middle of a hardware store look natural”. He’s a total natural.
I got the numbers for about $2 each and the spray paint for about $3 each. That makes it a grand total of about $31! That is less than half of the other one. You will need spray paint, primer, wooden plant caddy, house numbers, saw, hammer, screws, and a drill. Your first step will be taking the wheels off and sawing off the 5th row of wood. We want a rectangle, not a square.
Then prime this puppy. I love the spray primer. It doesn’t take long, and it isn’t messy! Then paint your boards the color you want them.
Next, spray your numbers with primer and paint.
Place them where you want them to be on your board and nail them into the board.
Find someone to help you hold your board up to your house and screw this baby in!
address11#tutorial #diy #address
It is so cute from the road now! I love it! Happy creating everyone!
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Embellished shoes you can change up!

Enter the CURRENT GIVEAWAY before it ends on June 2nd!


I am so excited about my new shoes! I made a pretty lame-o tutorial for you. Let’s just say you will have to use a little of your IMAGINATION! (if you have seen that episode of Spongebob, you can see my hands flying in the air like a rainbow when I say that)

Anyways! I found these lovely white flats at Wally World for a whopping $3! They were perfect because they are in a neutral color and can match just about anything.


The first thing you’ll do, is snip those interesting bows off. They are looking better already!


Use a hot glue gun to glue a strip of Velcro to the toe of the shoes.


Make embellishments to put on the toes of your shoes and put the opposite side of the Velcro on the back of the embellishments.


I made these by cutting strips of fabric and sewing a stitch through the center. Then I pulled the string to make them ruffle. I glued a piece of ribbon over the stitching to make the ruffles lay flat. I used plastic rhinestones and glued them on creating a design. The most time consuming part was putting all of the rhinestones on, but it wasn’t too big of a pain. I really like how they look on the shoes!


The other embellishment I have for my new shoes came off of a pair of shoes that were too big for me.


I have plans to make more embellishments for my shoes including some rolled roses and tulle! I will post some pictures as I make them. Go find some cheap shoes and make them pretty!

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