Dyed Salt Water Sandals: Summer Fun Series

This 31 Days of Summer Fun series has been so fun! Catch up on all of the posts here!

31 Days of Summer Fun series on www.girllovesglam.com #activity #fashion #summer

Today, Rachel from R&R Workshop is joining us! She has been a friend of mine for a few years now, but she recently started her blog a few months ago. It has been really fun to see it grow! She has really fun ideas including the most adorable ideas for her daughter!


Speaking of projects for her daughter, she came up with a great way to give her daughter’s salt water sandals new life this summer! She dyed them coral! She even mixed up different colors of dye to create the perfect shade!

dyed shoes

Find the tutorial here!

Come back tomorrow for a fun craft that will make you want to make everyday a party!


Summer Fun Calendar: Summer Fun Series

I hope you are enjoying the 31 Days of Summer Fun! To see any of the Summer Fun series posts you have missed check out the post here.

31 Days of Summer Fun series on www.girllovesglam.com #activity #fashion #summer

I am SO dang excited to introduce you to the next blogger in this series, Emily from The Benson Street! Can I tell you a little random fact about her? She and I were BEST friends when we were in 8th grade! We even had toothbrushes at each other’s houses! We would go snowboarding together all of the time and had a lot of fun together. I moved away after 9th grade and we slowly fell away as friends, but blogging as brought us back together and it has been so fun to reconnect with her! She has the cutest blog and makes really amazing printables, so you should go check out her blog!

Emily Benson at The Benson Street

As part of the Summer Fun series, she is sharing a Summer Fun Calendar to help you plan out all of the great activities you want to participate in this summer and to give you ideas for days that you can’t think of anything to do!

Summer Activites Calendar at www.thebensonstreet.com

You can find her post here.

Come back tomorrow for more Summer fun! Refashion your kids’ sandals!

Church Lesson Pictionary: Summer Fun Series

If you have missed out on any of the other 31 Days of Summer Fun posts, you can find them all linked on this post.

31 Days of Summer Fun series on www.girllovesglam.com #activity #fashion #summer

Today, I get to share a tutorial with you as part of the Summer Fun series! I wanted to share a fun little game that is a great Sunday activity for families to do after church!

Church Lesson Pictionary family activity at www.girllovesglam.com #game #family

I love the game Pictionary! I always have. I haven’t ever been a great artist by any means, but I have always loved coloring, drawing, and playing guessing games so Pictionary naturally fits right into my interests! I am Mormon. Sundays are treated more sacred than other days of the week for us. We don’t go shopping or go out to movies with our friends, we observe the Sabbath by spending time with our families and resting in observance of that special day each week. Sometimes it is hard to come up with things to do on Sundays when you just want to go out to the mall. That is why I decided to create Church Lesson Pictionary!

To play, gather your family around in your driveway and split into teams. Everyone thinks about a few different things that they learned at church. One person goes up at a time and starts drawing on the driveway with sidewalk chalk what they learned at church. Both teams start guessing what that person learned about at church! It is a great way to keep the lessons taught at church fresh in our memories and also teach others about what you learned at church so you can all be inspired and uplifted!

Some examples (These are all LDS themed, but could you can draw themes for whatever your faith is!)

By drawing a temple, you could have learned about… Temples, temple work, eternal families, temple marriage, marriage, our body is a temple, etc.

Temple Chalk art for Pictionary game

Drawing your family could mean… Eternal families, obey your mother and father, love at home, family proclamation, etc.

Eternal families Pictionary church game

Drawing the CTR shield… choose the right, keep the commandments, etc.

Choose The Right Sidewalk Chalk game

By drawing a baptism, it could mean… baptism, missionary work, repentance, being an example, etc.

Baptism chalk art for Pictionary game

Not only is this a great activity to help keep your mind on the lessons learned at church, but it is an awesome way to spend time outside with your family!

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Bleach T Shirt: Summer Fun Series

So many fun summer posts have been shared so far in the 31 Days of Summer Fun series! If you have missed out on any or want to see what the series is all about, check out this post here.

31 Days of Summer Fun series on www.girllovesglam.com #activity #fashion #summer

Mandy from Sugar Bee Crafts is joining in on the Summer Fun series today! I am sure most of you already follow her because she is basically Wonder Woman and has the cutest blog ever, but if you don’t already follow her, GO do it!

Sugar Bee Crafts

She is showing us how to make a fun custom bleached shirt to revamp up you or your kids’ summer wardrobe! They can even help give you ideas of what they want on their shirts!

How to make bleach shirt

Use her full tutorial here.

Come back tomorrow for a great Sunday appropriate activity for your family to do!

Kindness Coins: Summer Fun Series

Day 3 of the 31 Days of Summer Fun series is here! To catch up on the series check out this post.

31 Days of Summer Fun series on www.girllovesglam.com #activity #fashion #summer

Today’s post comes from my friend Kristen Duke. She is an amazing photographer AND creative blogger! She has the cutest parties for her kids and has great tutorials for home decor too. Go check out her blog.

Kristen Duke

Her post for the Summer Fun series is Kindness Coins: Teaching Kids Important Lessons. I think it is really important to teach our kids lessons all year long, but especially during the summer while we have more time with them. They don’t have as much going on and can really focus on the lessons they are taught during the summer.

Kindness Coins: Teaching kids important lessons

Find her post here.

Come back tomorrow for a great post brought to you by Sugar Bee Crafts!

5 Ways to Hem Pants into Shorts: Summer Fun Series

Welcome to day 2 of the 31 Days of Summer Fun series! If you missed out on what the series is all about, check out this post here.

31 Days of Summer Fun series on www.girllovesglam.com #activity #fashion #summer

I am excited to have my friend Kim from A Girl and A Glue Gun join me today for the series. She is amazingly talented and hilarious. If you don’t follow her blog, you are seriously missing out. Go follow her right now!

A Girl and A Glue Gun blog

She came up with 5 ways to hem your holey jeans into shorts for the summer! I totally need these tutorials myself. It is a great way to save some money while you are getting your wardrobe ready for Summer.

5 Ways to hem shorts into pants

Find her post here.

Come back tomorrow for an awesome activity for your kids this summer!

31 Days of Summer Fun

I am so excited to announce a fun series that will happen the ENTIRE month of May!

31 Days of Summer Fun series on www.girllovesglam.com #activity #fashion #summer

I have posts coming from tons of your favorite bloggers all dedicated to Summer fun! There are posts about activities, style, recipes, and more! The blogs participating are…

*Fruit Heights Friends

*A Girl and A Glue Gun

*Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke

*Sugar Bee Crafts

*The Benson Street

*R&R Workshop

*Capital B

*Jordan Valley Home and Garden Club

*Newlyweds on a Budget

*A Pumpkin and a Princess

*Flats to Flip Flops

*Love and Laundry

*Maybe I Will

*Free Time Frolics

*The Potter’s Place

*Our Thrifty Ideas

*Fablify It

*Like Mother Like Daughter

*Dixie Dollar Deals

*My Sister’s Suitcase


*One Little Momma

*Crafter Club

*Bless This Mess

*Cupcake Diaries

*Keep Moving Forward with Me

*The Happy Scraps

and me!

I promise you do not want to miss out so come check back each day in May for a new post! I will also be linking up each of the posts in a link party below as they are posted so you can find all of the posts in one location! Enjoy!

Romantic breakfast on the patio furniture

I know that it has been a while since you have had a covered patio update. That is because I am busy putting together the details! 2 of those…

The chairs. These babies were only $7 for both of them. Major thrift store score. But, they were freakin’ ugly.


With a little help from the hubby and a lot of spray paint, something amazing happened.


They went from drab, to totally fab! This isn’t where the furniture will stay, but speaking of my sweet husband, he surprised me with a romantic breakfast while using our new, pretty furniture on the back patio.


It was complete with french toast, grape juice, and raspberry yogurt parfaits.


I am a pretty lucky girl. He is back at school, working like crazy. I am going to miss our summer!

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15 Summer Beauty Tips


There are 2 things that I especially adore. Summer and beauty. Well, one great thing about both of them, is that they go hand in hand. No matter what size or shape you are, you can be Summer beautiful! Here are my top 15 Summer beauty tips, in no particular order…

1. Wear color- Color is something that I am not afraid of, but recently I looked in my closet and realized that I am really lacking in color. Luckily, I was given a few pairs of colored skinny jeans for my birthday. That makes me feel colorful again. Just because you aren’t daring enough to wear colored skinny jeans, doesn’t mean that you should shy away from color. You don’t have to follow specific color rules either. Pick out what feels good to you. You will be noticed more, but who says that is a bad thing?
2. Waterproof mascara- This isn’t just for your trips to the pool or going to a Nicolas Sparks movie. Waterproof mascara is great for the Summer because you never know what your plans may turn out to be. Maybe your kids decide to have a spontaneous water fight. Do you really want the fear of having mascara drip down your cheeks stop you from the memories you could make with your kiddos? Or maybe it is more like in my latest case of my husband rolling down the window, just as a sprinkler hit my side of the car. Accident? I think not. It could have “ruined” my day, but waterproof mascara allowed me to laugh.
3. Get outside- I can’t stress this enough. I have made it a point to go walking with my little family (husband, baby, pup) a few times a week. Not only is this a great form of exercise, but it is now a treasured memory. There aren’t many months out of the year that you can play outside. Take advantage of that. One great bonus could be getting your booty a little tighter for the swimming suit!
4. Wear light accessories- I am an accessory girl. I think jewelry or a headband can add so much to an outfit. During the Summer, it is all about being cool and comfortable. Don’t over accessorize! Nothing is worse than wearing a thick, heavy necklace on a hot day. Maybe choose 1 or 2 great accessories that could really add to your outfit, and rock it. Don’t be afraid to mix different styles either. Case in point: My headband that was originally made for a Thanksgiving dress up day (I dressed as an Indian) and my necklace that was worn by my bridesmaids. Do those accessories have anything in common? No, but they work.
5. Wax- I know, I know. That is a banned word for a lot of people, but whether it be eyebrows, armpits, or legs, the pain is totally worth the gain. Does anybody else hate shaving and tweezing as much as I do? Get the pain over in a few quick rips and you are good for weeks! You will not regret it.
6. Deep Condition- Some people only think of hair, others have no idea what a deep condition is. Deep conditioning not only your hair, but your skin during the Summer is crucial! All of that swimming and sunshine feels great, but it dries out your skin and hair big time. You don’t need to do anything ultra fancy to deep condition. For your hair, use your favorite conditioner and put it in after you get out of the shower and your hair is damp. Clip your hair up and let it sit in the conditioner for as long as you have time for. It could be 5 minutes or an hour. Doing this weekly or monthly can drastically help your hair. As for skin, use an intensive moisture lotion day and night. Preferably right after the shower and right before bed. If you can handle it, sleep with socks on right after putting the lotion on.
7. Sun Dresses- Wear them! They are the easiest Summer style to wear. They add a little glam to your wardrobe, but are most likely going to be the most comfortable item in your closet. They make GREAT swimming suit cover ups too. I always feel cuter wearing a sun dress over my bathing suit, rather than board shorts.
8. Sunscreen- Duh. That should be the most important beauty item of the Summer. Is it usually? Nope. I rarely wear it, but I will be wearing it now! Spending 8 hours in the blazing sun did nasty things to my skin. Case in point: My nose. Makeup over a sunburn isn’t chic.
9. Dewy lips- What does this mean? It means, make your lips look a little wet. Don’t do this by licking your lips constantly, just buy a good lip gloss that does it for you. Wet looking lips are sexy lips.
10. Air dry your hair- Your hair will thank you a thousand times if you let it air dry once and a while. Now when I saw air dry, that does not mean it has to be 100% natural. Who’s hair looks good 100% natural? If yours does, I want to slap you. As for the rest of you, use product! This may take a little practice, but letting your hair air dry can look great, save you time, and protect your hair from split ends.
11. Lighter eyes- Take off all of that makeup you have been caking on all winter. Embrace your natural beauty. Wear lighter colors of eye shadow and less eyeliner. You will be an instant natural beauty.
12. Show your toes- There are few times a year that you can wear open toed shoes. Having painted toenails makes you feel cute. I promise you will feel 10x better if they are painted. If you want to try something new, go to a salon and get shellac polish. That stuff rocks. It stays on my toes for 4-6 weeks even when I swim!
13. Try wearing a hat- Baseball, floppy, or newsboy. It doesn’t matter. Hats are hot. I love wearing fedoras. They make me feel like I tried, without really trying at all. Be brave enough to wear a hat. They are Summer staples for me.
14. Wear colorful, comfortable shoes- Going along with the colorful clothing. Why not wear colorful shoes too? If your shoes have many colors, it may be easier to “match” but who says they have to? Fun colored shoes make a statement. Remember, summer isn’t enjoyable if your shoes are comfortable.
15. Cardigans- You may be thinking, cardigans? Now? Isn’t a cardigan a sweater? Yes. BUT just because it is summer, doesn’t mean that it will be warm all of the time. Be prepared with a cute summer cardigan for the chilly bonfires or late night baseball games.
Phew! We made it! Now go beautify your Summer!
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Summer Mantel

Ahh! I can’t even tell you how excited I am that I can now do vignettes on a mantle! I have never had a mantle, until just recently, BUT that is for another post coming up!

Could you just die over how cute it is? I know Summer doesn’t officially start for a while, but Dave is done with school THIS WEEK!
I started the mantle by making the wreath. I started wrapping the wreath with the electric blue fabric, then I ran out! So, I finished wrapping it in hot pink fabric. I made lots of felt flowers and added some houndstooth ribbon to the ends.
I was most excited to add the wood pendants to it that I bought from Pick Your Plum a while back. I painted them, added some vinyl to it, and hung them up with some baker’s twine!
I picked up some cork topped jars at a yard sale and added some ribbon in one and some vintage straws in the other one. I had a cream soda and looked down at the bottle and realized how stinkin’ cute it was. I sprayed it green and added a little washi tape to it!
I got this lamp a long time ago and I was so excited to get some use out of it! I had to washi it a little bit first though. I added a vintage mason jar, my owl friend I am totally in love with, and a painted this frame I got at a yard sale to finish it off!
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