Falling Leaves Door Decor Tutorial

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I am excited to share the newest addition to my Fall decor with you today, my door hanger. Not only is it so easy, but it is inexpensive too! You can’t go wrong with that.
You will need…
8 felt leaf place mats (I found mine at the dollar store!)
Burlap garland or ribbon
Ribbon (this will be hidden)
Hot glue or Tacky Glue
Spray starch
Flat iron
You are probably thinking, a flat iron?! Yes! I didn’t want the leaves to be totally flat against the door, so I decided to give them a little dimension. Just spray some starch on each of the leaves. Curl the edges of the leaves with your flat iron, by clamping down and curving the flat iron as you pull towards the edges.
Lay out your leaves how you want them to be and glue them together. I used hot glue because my door hanger isn’t actually outside. If it is going to be outside, I recommend using something like Tacky Glue.
Put a ribbon through the top of the leaves. I poked a hole in one, and laced the ribbon through the center slit on another leaf. Tie the ribbon in the back. This is how it will hang up on your door.
Make a giant bow out of your burlap ribbon or garland and glue it to the top of your leaves.
Hang it up and enjoy! I know that there are a lot of people out there who are celebrating Christmas early and putting up their Christmas decor right now, but I just can’t do it! I love Fall decor too much! Do you have Fall at your house or are you decorating for Christmas already?

Duck Tape Trick or Treat Bag

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A few weeks ago, I was the lucky winner of a gift basket full of Duck Tape! Does life get any better?! I love me some Duck Tape. A lot of it in the gift basket was Halloween themed so I knew I needed to come up with something quick before it was too late to craft with Halloween Duck Tape. That’s when it hit me like a ton of Duck Tape. A trick or treat bag!
I really like how it turned out! It is extremely sturdy and waterproof too.
Here’s what you’ll need…

*2 rolls of printed Duck Tape. These aren’t as long as the solid Duck Tape, so you will use the entire roll for both of them.
*Solid colored Duck Tape This isn’t pictured. I didn’t know I would need it til I ran out of the printed kind. If your bag is smaller than mine, or if you use a solid color for your bag, you won’t need this additional tape.
*Duck Tape stickers (optional)
*Bag about the size you want your bag to be.
First, measure out a piece of tape for the bottom of your bag by putting tape right against your bag and cutting it to the same size.
Lay out the piece that you just cut. Cut another piece of tape the same size. Lay them side by side, overlapping them a little so they stick together. 
Repeat the last 2 steps with the other printed tape. This will be the lining of your bag.
Wrap a piece of tape around the bag. Cut a piece of tape long enough to go around the bag. 
Cut several more pieces of tape the same size and overlap them a little to make them stick to each other. Do this until it is as tall as you want your bag to be.
Cut the same amount of pieces in the same size in your other printed tape. Lay the outer layer with the printed side down and stick the print that will be the lining on top with the sticky sides together.
Make handles by taking two pieces of long tape and sticking them together. Bend to look like a handle and tape onto the print that will be inside of the bag. Do this two times so that you have one handle on each side of your bag.
Fold your bag over and tape the edges together. This will make it look like a bag without a bottom.
Insert your bottom piece inside of the bag. You will have to bend it a little. Tape it in on the inside and the outside to be sure it holds well.
Now you have a bag! You can stop there, or you can embellish it a little! 
I added glow in the dark Duck Tape stickers to mine to add a little more fun to it. I love that the inside and the outside of the bag are different! 
Now go get your tape on! 
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No Sew Baby Owl Costume

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Every year of our marriage, I have wanted to dress in theme. We come up with funny ideas, even think of ones we would actually do, then realize that we most likely won’t be doing anything on Halloween that would allow us to really dress up. Needless to say, it never happened. Well guess what?! It is happening this year! Harper is an adorable little owl when her parents aren’t dressed up, but when they are….. She’s HEDWIG! I am so excited about it! After looking for a costume I noticed a few things. One, Hedwig costumes are lame, and ugly. Two, baby owl costumes are really colorful. And three, costumes in general are really expensive. I had most of the things I needed to make Harper’s costume, so I only ended up spending about $5.
Here’s what you’ll need…

*Warm and Natural batting. The amount of this varies on the size of costume you are making. For mine, I used close to 2 packages of the craft size that measures 34×45 inches. I found mine at JoAnn’s. (Tip: Use your 40% off coupons or watch for these to go on sale)
*Glue Gun
*Feathers. These are optional, but really add a lot to the costume. I had some ugly ones I wanted to use up.
*Measuring Tape
*Bowl, lid, or something similar to measure your baby’s head.
Cut your material to the size you want your poncho to be. I wanted my poncho to be a square, so I chose a size I thought would be good for Harper, and cut the material into a square. Mine is 26.5×26.5 inches.
Put a bowl or dish on your baby’s head to measure how big to make the hole for the poncho. This may be the best part of the tutorial. She made some pretty great faces with that strange thing on her head. (P.S. Mine ended up being too big, so don’t go off of my picture for reference)
Put the bowl in the center of the material. Trace a circle around it and cut it out.
Try the poncho on your baby. If you did what I did, you can insert swear words here. I cut the hole a little too big. Don’t worry! There is a solution to this! If you cut your circle out just right, skip the next step.
If you cut your hole too large, just fold over the inner circle a little until it is the size you need it to be. Glue the material down onto itself. It will all be covered up by features later on.
Speaking of feathers, now is when you get to cut out the feathers. My feathers range between 3-5 inches long and vary in width too. I took the other material that I had and folded it over twice so that I had 4 layers. I cut 4 feathers at a time that way. Cut them in a feather like shape. They don’t need to be perfect, you just need quite a few of them. I cut nearly an entire bag of Warm and Natural just for the feathers. Sit down and watch a good TV show, and this seems to take no time at all when you are cutting 4 at a time.
Now, let the gluing party begin! Starting from a bottom corner, put some hot glue on the material in a zigzag pattern. I did about 4-6 inches at a time. Place your feathers on top of the glue and press down. Don’t worry about overlapping them side to side, there are enough feathers that lay on top of it that you won’t notice. Continue doing this layer by layer. When you go up a layer, put your glue about 3 inches above the top of the feathers in the line below. When you get to the neck hole, layer the feathers a few times and glue right to the edge of the hole.
Next, glue the real feathers around the poncho. Glue them underneath the fabric feathers to hide the ugly tops of the feathers.
Finally, you can put the poncho on your baby! Isn’t it the cutest?
To make the owl headband, you need…
*Glue gun
*White or ivory feather hackle pad (I sell them in my Etsy shop. You can find them in several other online stores or in some craft stores as well)
*Brown, tan, yellow, and white felt
*Big, black beads (I found mine at JoAnn’s)
*Elastic baby headband
This headband is super easy to make!
1. Gather your supplies.
2. Find items that are about the sizes you want the circles for the eyes to be. Trace them onto the brown and tan felt. Cut them out. Cut a triangle out of the yellow felt.
3. Attach the hackle pad to the headband. Put a little piece of the white felt behind the hackle pad and glue it there for added support. Sometimes you need to glue a few of the feathers down so that the feathers aren’t sticking straight up. (Step 3 and 4 can be done in either order)
4. Glue the felt face pieces onto the hackle pad. Glue the black beads on top of the eye circles.
5. Ta da! You are finished!
Now you can enjoy your little owl (or Hedwig)! Hoot Hoot!
Happy Halloween!
Our Harry Potter family Halloween costumes were all about our little Hedwig owl!
Harry Potter Family Halloween Costume on www.girllovesglam.com
I borrowed a Harry Potter robe from a friend and Dave wore his scarf and tie he already owned. We put a little lip liner “scar” on his forehead to create a Harry look and I let my hair air dry to get into the Hermoine character. Simple, but when they are all put together, they were great!

Vinyl Monster Garland

This post was originally written for the Expressions Vinyl blog, but I wanted to share it with you too! 

I thought my Halloween decorations were a little on the spooky side, but recently, I have been told they aren’t spooky, just cute . I guess I will take that! I would rather enjoy the season than freak out every time I see a plastic spider in my house. That is why I added a new non spooky decoration to my entertainment center. I love all of the funny, little monster decorations I have seen and I wanted to have my own. That is why I made vinyl monster garland. This is by far the fastest, easiest vinyl project I have ever done. Here is what you will need…

*Thread, yarn, ribbon, or baker’s twine (something to string your garland with)
*Sticky backed wiggle eyes
*Vinyl cutter
Here’s what you do…
Measure out your area that you want your garland to hang. Add a few inches to that number so that you can have some slack in the garland and loose ends on both sides. Decide how many monsters you want on your garland. I chose to put 7 monsters on mine.
Cut out enough 8 sided vinyl stars to have a front and a back to each monster. The 8 sided stars were found on Sure Cuts a Lot. For other programs, they can usually be found pretty easily on most publishing programs.
Lay out your stars evenly along your thread so that you will know exactly where they will be hanging.
 Peel off the backing from your vinyl. Lay the star down with the sticky side up. Lay the thread on top of the sticky side of the vinyl, right where you want the thread to lay.
Peel off the sticky back to another vinyl star. Place directly on top of the vinyl star you placed the thread on top of. Press down firmly all over the star. Some of mine weren’t directly lined up, but I kind of like that some of the monsters have a few more spikes.
Repeat these steps until you have all of your “monsters” stuck onto the thread.
Stick the wiggle eyes on each of the vinyl stars. I decided to give some of them 3 eyes, others 2 and the center monster got just 1 eye. It gives the garland a little more personality.
Hang up your garland where you want it to be displayed. Ta da! You are finished!
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DIY Halloween Costume: Progressive Insurance Flo

 Two years ago, I made my favorite Halloween costume.
Flo from Progressive Insurance.
Pardon the not so pretty pictures. I didn’t plan on sharing it originally, but in the spirit of Halloween, I thought I would share my favorite Halloween costume. It is also the easiest costume to make too!
Here’s what you need…
White apron
Blue ribbon
Blue iron on vinyl or printable iron on transfer
Blank button, sticker paper, or regular paper for button
Paper for name tag
Red lipstick
Liquid eyeliner
White shirt
1. Print off the Progressive Insurance logo onto the printable iron on transfer paper or cut out Progressive logo on blue vinyl.
2. Iron logo onto the top of the apron.
3. Print out I (heart) insurance onto a paper or sticker. Cut into a circle and either put it in a button, or tape onto the apron.
4. Print off name tag with the name Flo written on it and blue and red stripes above it. Tape onto the apron.
5. Tie a blue ribbon around in your hair, give yourself a little flip at the bottom and a big poof on the top.
6. Wear a white shirt under the apron.
7. Wear red lipstick, dramatic cat eye eyeliner, and mascara.
Now go get your Flo on! This costume was a total hit. Have a Happy Halloween!
Progressive Insurance has seen how popular Flo is for a Halloween costume and has added a page to their website with tips for dressing like Flo! Check out their tips here!

Rosette Pumpkin Pillow {Tutorial}

Remember how I told you I was pulling out all of my Halloween decor? Well, I did. Then I realized I am throwing a party on Saturday. I want party decor. Not Halloween decor. Therefore, my Halloween stuff is sitting on the table, waiting for Saturday to be over. I had another realization. I never showed you my super cute pillow either. I looooove it dearly. 
To make one of your own, you need…
Pillow- I got mine on clearance at Ross
1 yard of orange fabric
Large RicRac- This just depends on how long your stem is
Glue Gun
Rotary cutter
Either make your pillow, or buy your pillow. I cut the ugly button off of the center of mine.
Cut several strips of fabric. Mine were 2 inches wide. I cut them all the way across and then cut a few in half and in fourths so that I would have a few different sizes of rosettes.
This part is a little scary, because you realize just how many rosettes you are about to make. Luckily, they are easy to make while watching some good clean celebrity gossip shows.
I know that there are pretty much a million tutorials out there on how to make a rolled rosette, so I won’t totally bore you. If you know how to make them, skip this wordy step. For those of you who don’t… (Step 1) Lay your strip of fabric with the pattern or colored side down. (Step 2) Fold over one side and glue as you go. (Step 3) Fold over the other side and glue. This makes it so only the colored part of the fabric will show up as you roll. (Step 4) Fold one end of your strip, making a triangle shape. (Step 5) Hold the triangle piece and start twisting your long strip. (Step 6) Put a little dot of glue on the “center” of your flower, and place the twisted fabric on top. (Step 7) Repeat this over and over again until you are out of fabric. (Step 8) When you get to the end, fold the end of the fabric over on the back, and glue it in place. You are DONE! 

Make lots of rolled roses! I think my pillow has close to 40 of these suckers. Be sure to make them in different sizes. It makes it easier to create a pumpkin shape. Put them on the pillow, but don’t glue them.
Create a pumpkin shape with all of your rosettes. Don’t glue them down yet though.
Take your ricrac and see how long you want your stem to be. Keep in mind that your ricrac will be folded in half too so make it twice as long as you want your stem to be.
Place your stem where you want it to be on your pillow and glue it in place.
Now it is really time to get glue happy. I thought it was easier to glue the outside rosettes first and work my way in. Use the larger ones first so that the smaller ones can go where you have holes. 
Glue all of your rosettes onto the pillow. 
Go back through and be sure to glue down any spots that the rosettes may be sticking up a little bit. 
Done! Isn’t it the cutest? I love that it instantly brings a taste of Fall into the room. The other great thing, is that it doesn’t look too Halloween. I can keep it up all season.
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Enclosed Porch Makeover Intro

Welcome to what could be my biggest project yet!

Covered Patio Makeover copy

I am so excited to get this area looking pretty! It has always been that area of our house that I have just ignored, but it is the first thing people see when they come to our house! It was in need of some serious help!


Nasty brown walls with the trim painted the same color and THE WORST tile ever created. This color makes me want to vomit! I have some major plans for all of this! My first project… taking down all of the baseboards and the one strip of molding there was.


This was one of the more disgusting things I have ever done. There were families of earwigs that went to die behind my baseboards, big, gaping holes behind it with spider nests, dirt, and who knows what else. I would like to pretend I was really brave and tough about it, but it was not an easy task! Not to mention I may or may not have used a few naughty words in my brain when I was cussing out the person who put this trim up with the longest nails in history and in some places caulking the crap out of the back of it. It was a learning experience to take it off!


Next, I did a lot of foam spraying and hole filling. After the foam dried, I cut off all of the excess with a knife. I know that this is going to help my house stay warm and cool and also keep nasty critters out of my house!

There is a lot more to come. I can’t wait to tell you about paint colors, inspiration, and learning experiences!

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