Color Block Chalkboard Mason Jars

I am excited to show you the next project as part of the monthly DIY group I am in. This month, the challenge was mason jars! Be sure to go check out the other projects using mason jars too!


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For my mason jar project, I wanted to come up with something that was cute, but functional for me. I love an organized space, so what better way than to make the mason jars a way to organize my office supplies! I love the trend of color blocking right now and I really wanted to bring that aspect to them too. On top of it all, I decided to make them chalkboards too! I am obsessed with the clear chalkboard paint!

Color Block Chalkboard Mason Jars #diy #tutorial #craft #project

Here’s how I made these cute jars…

Chalkboard Mason Jars

You need…

*Mason Jars


*Clear Chalkboard Paint




First, paint half of your mason jar one color. After that has dried, tape off the second half of the jar and paint it another color. Using the clear chalkboard paint, paint the entire jar following the instructions on the label. Once it is dry, you can write on it with your chalk and get organized!

It is seriously the easiest project ever, but it adds so much to a space!

15 Fantastic Easter Ideas

It is almost Easter! I have loved seeing so many creative ideas to help celebrate the holiday. What a better way to celebrate, than with a great round up of some of my favorites!
I am blown away with the amount of creativity that I have seen and I can’t wait to share them with you!
Handwritten Hard Boiled Eggs
Now for some of my own…
Now go visit these projects and get creating! Happy Easter!

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Dollar Store Tulip Doily Garland

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Words can’t express how excited I am for Spring! Seeing buds forming on the trees and witnessing the snow slowly melt warms my heart! I can’t wait to be able to see green grass and beautiful spring flowers blooming! Unfortunately, in Idaho, those flowers don’t bloom until May usually. SO, I had to find a way to bring Spring flowers into my house to brighten things up! I made a paper tulip doily garland!
#spring #easter #decor #tutorial
I love how it looks when the light from the window shines through it! This is such an easy way to bring color into your home this season! It is really inexpensive and it only takes about 10 minutes too! Can’t go wrong there. To make one of your own you need…
#diy #tutorial #spring #easter #decor
*tulip paper doilies found at the dollar store
*twine or thread
#diy #tutorial #spring #easter #decor
Thread the twine through the holes in the tulips. Be sure to space them apart as far as you want them to be.
#diy #tutorial #easter #craft #spring
Flip each of the tulip doilies over and tape them to the twine.
#diy #tutorial #easter #decor #spring
Hang up your garland and enjoy! I told you it was easy! I love how bright it makes the room feel!

Easter Pom Pom Garland Dollar Store Craft

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Remember my Springster decor? Ya know? My Spring and Easter decorations? I love how it all turned out. All of the little details came together to make it my most favorite holiday decor! One of the little details that I love is the pom pom garland!
#spring #decoration #craft #easter
The best part? It doesn’t cost much to make and it takes only a few minutes to make! Here is what you need…
#easter #spring #pom #garland #craft #decor
*Pom Poms from the dollar store
*Bakers twine or thread
#spring #easter #craft #kid #classroom
Thread the needle. Poke the needle through the center of the pom pom and pull it down the thread/twine. Repeat this step over and over again until your garland is long enough.
#spring #easter #decor #craft
Hang up the garland and be sure that each of your pom poms are evenly spaced apart.
#decor #spring #easter #craft
I loooove how it turned out! They took me about 5 minutes to make too. You can do this easily while your baby is napping and still have time to take a bubble bath!


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Simple St. Patrick’s Day Headband Tutorial

I am excited to show you a super, simple way to bring some green into your outfit on St. Patrick’s Day, without overdoing it.
The best thing about this headband is that you can make it the morning of St. Patrick’s Day when you realize you have nothing to make you pinch proof! Another great thing, is that it isn’t permanent. You can easily use a headband you already love for this project and undo it after the holiday!

For this headband, you need…
#tutorial #diy #headband
*Tulle, ribbon, or fabric in 2 different colors of green
#diy #tutorial #st #patrick's #day
Cut your material into strips that are about 4-5 inches long.
#easy #tutorial #how #to
Tie your material in a knot around the headband.
#diy #tutorial #quick #easy #fast
Tie more of your material on the headband, alternating colors, until you have it as wide as you want it to be.
#tutorial #kid #craft #diy
Trim off excess material so that it isn’t all over the place.
#simple #easy #tutorial #diy
Bam! You are done! I told ya it was simple! It took me about 10 minutes to make and the tulle could be easily cut off after St. Patrick’s Day if you don’t want to rock the green all year. Although, you may want to think twice before you cut it off. Emerald green is the color of the year you know!
Have a great St. Patrick’s Day! Don’t get pinched!
I am a contributor for Craft-O-Maniac, where this tutorial was seen first.
I will be linking to the awesome link parties found here.

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Valentine Decor and Free Printable

I am really happy with how my Valentine’s Day decor turned out!
valentine mantel
 I was planning on going with just the typical red, pink, and white decor. Then, I saw my houndstooth Duck tape. Plans changed. I am so glad I added the black accents. 
valentine vignette
I have had the wreath for a few years. My mom and I made them and I still love it! I was excited to add a few of our engagement and wedding pictures to really add the love vibes. I go the red wire basket, the foam hearts, and the little white bowl from Target. 
valentine's day printable
One of my favorite songs used to be “I Love You Always Forever”. I was probably 10 when it came out, but I always remember loving that song. I thought it would be fitting to make a printable inspired by that song. I accented it with my globe that I got for Christmas because the next line in the song says “Near or far, closer together” and I thought the globe was fitting.
valentine free printable
This printable is for personal use only. Just right click on the image and save it to your computer to print.
valentine's day decor
I decided to try out the washi tape banner trend that I have seen all over the place. I love how they turned out. I made my duck tape heart banner that I am basically obsessed with too. 
valentine decor
Now I am definitely feeling the love! 
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Houndstooth Duct Tape Valentine Garland

The time is here! Time to pull out all of the pink and red! Valentine’s Day is less than a month away! I got my  faux mantel all set up and I am excited to share with with you tomorrow. Today, I am going to show you how I made a simple Valentine garland out of one of my favorite products in the entire world, duct tape. I love duct tape crafts and bringing it in with my Valentine’s Day decor was really fun for me.
houndstooth duct tape
You’ll need…
duct tape valentine craft
*Houndstooth Duck Brand Duct Tape
valentine craft
Cut a piece of twine the size that you will want your garland to be.
duct tape decor
Cut a strip of Duck Tape about 5-6 inches long.
valentine's day duct tape
Fold the tape in half over itself.
duct tape heart
Fold the tape in half again and cut half of a heart shape. Unfold it and you will have a full heart shape cut out.
houndstooth duck tape
Repeat those steps until you have enough hearts for your entire garland.
valentine's day garland
Lay the hearts out, evenly spaced. Place the twine on top of the hearts.
valentine tutorial
Cut small squares of the Duck Tape to put on the backs of the hearts to tape the string to hearts.
houndstooth garland
Hang it up and you are done! I can’t wait to show you the rest of my Valentine’s Day faux mantel tomorrow!
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My Home Office Organization Ideas!

Well it is a new year, that means it brings on all sorts of new goals, plans, etc. Of course everyone seems to want to be more organized with each new year. Organization is something that I am really passionate about… Maybe too passionate about at times? Maybe. I love taking an unorganized space and creating something new and refreshing. I am participating in the New Year’s Organizing Revolution Challenge where each week you organize a different space in your home. It gives me an excuse to organize some of the places in my house that have been ignored! First up, the home office!
Home Office Organization Ideas Before
Before: I had tons of pictures, notes, business cards, etc stacked up in the window seal and on the desk. I only get half of the table because Dave uses the other half so I had to get a little creative, not that there is anything wrong with being creative! That is when the good stuff can happen!
Home Office Organization
I knew that I wanted to have some clipboards to be able to clip anything I needed so that I could have it handy. By putting some scrapbook paper and Mod Podge onto the clipboards, I was able to make them functional and be able to match the rest of the space nicely. I put a cute framed chalkboard in the center so that I could easily take notes on there. I will have a tutorial for that up within the next few days! I love the artwork that says “I’m kind of a big deal on my blog” because really, it is the only place I am kind of a big deal! I framed one of my business cards for a little inspiration and reminder of who I am! I punched holes in all of the business cards I have received and put them on a ring to hang on the wall so I could find them all easily. I also hung up my badge from the Snap conference and I plan on adding to my conference badge collection this year!
Office Organization Tips
I love how it all looks with the pictures clipped up and the goals written on my chalkboard! I get a lot of inspiration from my family, so I believe that having their pictures on my clipboards is a great way to feel inspired and to remind me of what is most important.
Office Organization
I love my new, clean, organized space!
Now if I could just get my hands on the other side of the table…
You can find the rest of my organization ideas here!

*Headband and Accessory Holder*

Ok so this is my very 1st tutorial!! I am SO excited to share this with you! I created a fun way to show off your favorite hair accessories (INCLUDING HEADBANDS!) without getting everything smashed in a little box. I have a line of hair accessories. Most of them are made of feathers and they can get smashed pretty easily! So I created a way to get rid of that problem! Join me for my first tutorial adventure…
What you will need:
Spray Paint
Hot Glue
Clothes Pins
Fabric (optional)
Flower (optional)
Feathers (optional)
First, I went thrifting and I found this UGLY frame. I loved the size and the details of it, and it didn’t have a price. The gave it to me for $1! What a steal!
Then I put some garbage bags down and sprayed and sprayed until I liked the color of my frame! I chose red, but it would be cute in many other colors!
I let the paint dry and layed the frame down and measured the sides of it. The important thing to note is that this frame will hang horizontally, NOT vertically. So measure the sides of the frame that will be lined vertically to be sure that your ribbon will run horizontally. Decide how many ribbons you can fit on your frame, keeping them about 2-3 inches apart and mark where the ribbon will be.
Then I picked out the ribbon I used, and cut them to the length I needed them to be so that they will go from one side that I measured, to the other side that I measured.
With a hot glue gun, I glued each piece of ribbon to the spots I had measured out. The ribbons need to be glued in the horizontal direction. This is the only way to make the headbands stay on. Remember, glue the the ribbon so that the right sides are facing the front of the frame!
I also glued 2 extra pieces of ribbon to each side to be sure that my ribbons are sturdy.

Now this is what my frame looks like! I need to glam it up though! You can leave it like this if you want, but I had to accessorize!

I made 2 rolled fabric flowers. If you don’t know how to make these, there is a pretty helpful tutorial made by Me and My Brightsides, here.

Then, I got some feathers, and some petals from a silk flower.

And I embellished my flower, and arranged them on my frame. I just used hot glue again, and put them all on my frame like so.

I create a lot of “Hippie Headbands” and there really isn’t any way to store them unless you stuff them into a box and then they get squished! So I decided I would hang them up with clothes pins. I made 3 lined clothes pins for my frame. I cut out ribbon that would go around one side of each clothes pin.

Then I hot glued the ribbon to the clothes pin and folded the ribbon over and glued it too so you couldn’t see the unfinished edges of the ribbon.

Now I have 3 super cute clothes pins!

I attached my clothes pins and now I am done! But I seem to be missing something…

My hair accessories! I love this because I can also comb my combs onto the ribbon because the ribbon is horizontal. I clipped my hippie headbands on my clothes pins, clipped my regular clips on the ribbon, and put my headbands over the ribbons! Now all of my feathers won’t get ruined!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I enjoyed making this project! Look for more tutorials coming your way and don’t forget to check out my hair accessories so that you can fill up your new Headband and Accessory Holder!

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