DIY Disney Princess Cups Tutorial

DIY Disney Princess Cups Tutorial on #vinyl #project

I decided it was time to introduce regular, non sippy cups to my daughter. I didn’t want just any old cups though, so I made her Disney Princess cups! Here’s what you need to make your own…

Disney Princess Cups Supplies on

*Cups (I used the Take and Toss kind)

*Outdoor vinyl

*Paper Cutter

*Scissors or vinyl cutter

DIY Snow White Disney Princess Cup on #tutorial #vinyl #project

For the Snow White cup, I used vinyl that was dark blue, light blue, white, red, and yellow. I measured how big I wanted the pieces to be and cut the dark blue and yellow strips with a paper cutter. Then I added the white collar strip using the same technique. For the sleeves, you can cut them out with a vinyl cutter or scissors. I cut out a light blue circle then two red rounded diamond shapes to put on top of the sleeves. It was super easy and it turned out really well!

DIY Rapunzel Disney Princess Cup on #diy #tutorial #tangled

For the Rapunzel cup, I cut a strip of light purple and dark purple using the paper cutter. Then, I cut the pink vinyl into a bow shape and two smaller strips to look like to bow is lacing up. Lastly, I cut two dark purple circles out for the sleeves and put them on the sides of the cup. Cute and simple!

DIY Cinderella Disney Princess Cup on #diy #tutorial #disney #craft

For Cinderella, I used two different shades of blue vinyl. I cut one large strip of vinyl to cover the entire cup. I cut two circles out for the sleeves and a long scalloped piece to go around the bottom to mimic her dress. The easiest one to do for sure!

DIY Ariel Disney Princess Cup #tutorial #diy #littlemermaid #disney #craft

Although it isn’t a princess gown, I wanted the Ariel cup to be her mermaid bikini. To make this one, I used beige, green, and purple vinyl. I cut the beige vinyl into a strip and then the green vinyl into a strip below the beige. I cut out two circles out of the purple vinyl for the bikini top and a small purple strip to go along the back for the back of the bikini top. This one makes me giggle every time I look at it!

DIY Disney Princess Cups on #craft #tutorial #disney

I can’t even tell you how happy I am with how they all turned out! Best of all, my daughter absolutely LOVES them!

Ikea Wooden Boxes… Three Ways!

Have you ever looked at a typical item at the store and thought, “Hey! I can do something special with that!” like some of we crazy bloggers do? Well, Studio 5 gave me the challenge to do JUST that with an Ikea item of my choice. I chose the Ikea Dragan wooden bathroom boxes. I knew there was a lot of potential! I came up with 3 different things to do with these awesome boxes!

Ikea Dragan Boxes Three Ways

Just wait til you see what the other bloggers who took this Ikea challenge came up with too! First up for me… A jewelry box!

Ikea wooden jewelry box how to on #diy #tutorial #jewelry

I love how it turned out. It is chic, modern, and brings all of my favorite pieces of jewelry right up front and at my fingertips. To make your own, you need…

*Ikea Dragan Box



Ikea Wood Jewelry Box Tutorial

Use a small drill bit to drill holes into the sides of the lid of the box. Do them in pairs. These will be the holes for the earrings. I put holes in all four sides, but only recommend putting them in 2 sides. Having earrings on all four sides made it hard to put the lid back on the box.

Ikea Wooden Jewelry Box Tutorial

Now put earrings in the holes that you drilled. Put rings in the lid and bracelets in the box! I chose to put some of my favorite items and other items that I forget to wear so that I can see them and get to them more easily!

Now for the artwork!

Ikea wooden box geometric neon artwork on #diy #decor #tutorial

This is totally the best part of my new gallery wall! It was so dang easy to make too! Here’s what you need…

Ikea Geometric Artwork Supplies

*Ikea Dragan box set

*Neon paint colors

*Paint brushes

*Picture Hanging Command Strips

Neon Ikea Geometric Art Tutorial

Take your neon paint and paint the insides of the boxes. These took quite a few coats of paint. Then take the Command Strips and stick them to the back.

Geometric Neon Art

Stick it to your wall in whatever order you want them to be in! Even better? Add a cute Salty Bison sign next to them. Amazing, right?

Now for the last one… The car quiet game!

Dress Up Doll Car Quiet Game

I have been on the hunt for a fun quiet game to entertain my 19 month old on our long car rides. I made a dress up doll for her to play with to keep her nice and entertained! Here is what you need to make your own…

Ikea Quiet Game Dress Up Supplies

*Ikea Dragan box


*Dress up doll- I got my dress up doll kit at a yard sale, but you could buy your own or even use pictures of your family members and cut the heads, bodies, and legs apart that you can mix and match.

Ikea Dress Up Doll Quiet Game How To

Cut apart your dress up doll and add Velcro to each of your pieces. Put a piece of Velcro on the bottom of the lid and one on the back of the doll to stick onto the Velcro. This is so that you can take the doll off and play with it anywhere!

Ikea Felt Dress Up Doll Quiet Game

Now it is the fun part. Dress the doll up however you want!

Ikea Doll Quiet Game

The really awesome part? You store all of the dress up clothes in the box and close the top of it to store in your car for the days your kids are in need of some entertainment!

Now you can see all of the great projects from the other bloggers too! Here is our Studio 5 segment…

DIY Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head

DIY Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head Tutorial on #toy #game #felt

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I think I have officially come a felt toy addict. There are so many fun toys you can make for kids with felt. One that I started on years ago before I had kids, was a soft Mr. or Mrs. Potato head! Now that my daughter is old enough to play with it, I decided it was time to finish my project. This soft Mr. Potato head is perfect for church, car rides, and anytime you need a good boredom buster. It is so easy to make one too! Here’s what you need…

Supplies to make felt Mr. Potato Head on #tutorial #diy #craft

*Felt (at least two pieces of light brown for the potato and additional pieces for the accessories and body parts.)


*Sticky back Velcro

*Sharpie Markers

*Embroidery thread

*Cotton stuffing

Soft Mr. Mrs. Potato Head tutorial on #diy #felt #toy

First, cut out the potato front and back out of the light brown. I drew a potato on the felt using the Sharpie marker and cut out both felt pieces out at the same time so they would be the same size.

Now it is time for the body parts and accessories!

Felt Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Body Parts on #mouth #arm #toy

Now, you need to cut out two arms out of the felt. I cut a front and a back for both of the arms too. I stitched them together too. Cut out mouths and even mustaches too out of the different colored felt. Stitch details using the embroidery thread.

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Eyewear parts on #felt #toy #tutorial

For the eyes, cut out eyebrows, different eye shapes, and even glasses. Stitch the eyes together using the embroidery thread. Most of them, I just eyeballed (haha, get it?!) when I cut them, but you can trace something and cut it out too.

DIY Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head Footwear on #diy #tutorial #felt

For the shoes, I folded the felt in half and cut them out together so that the shoes stayed together instead of being separate. I made some Nike shoes, high heels, and cleats. I used embroidery thread to stitch the details on.

DIY Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Hair and Hats on #diy #felt #tutorial

For the head wear, I just kind of eyeballed it as I cut them out. For the long hair, football, helmet, and hats, I stitched them together using the embroidery thread. I made the hats double sided so that they would actually slip onto the head instead of just sticking on.

DIY Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head accessories on #diy #tutorial #felt #toy

I had WAY too much fun with the accessories! The great part about these potato head toys, is you can totally customize them to your family and your kids interests. My husband is a big Utah football fan, so I made a #1 U foam finger that you can slip onto the arm, a football, the cleats, and a football helmet. My family loves baseball too so I made a bat and a mitt that you can slip onto the hand. I am a cosmetologist, so I made a blow dryer, a mirror, and some scissors. The scissors work for my husband being a teacher too. They can go with the pencil. I made a little bow to go in the hair and a purse to put treasures in. Once you start making accessories, it becomes addictive! You just keep thinking of more things you can make!

Soft Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head tutorial on #diy #tutorial #toy #felt

After making all of the accessories, put Velcro on the potato body where you want the accessories and body parts to attach. Put the opposite side of the Velcro on each of the body parts and accessories. Stitch the potato body together. Make sure to stitch the arms on too. Don’t stitch it all the way together though. Leave a little opening so you can stuff the potato. Put a little stuffing in the potato and finish stitching it up.

Easy DIY Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head tutorial on #toy #kid #game

Now you are done! You might want to play with it more than your kids will!

4th of July Garland

I was given a box full of fabulous patriotic paper goodness from American Crafts to play with. I love creating paper banners for different holidays and I knew that Independence Day would be no exception to that! I made a 4th of July garland…

4th of July American Crafts Paper Banner

It is super duper simple, but perfect to bring a little patriotic spirit to the space. Here’s what you need…

American Crafts Patriotic Paper

*American Crafts paper

*American Crafts stickers

*Fishing line

*Electronic cutter

*Hot glue

Cut out two different shapes of stars with the electronic cutter. Decorate them with the stickers. Put hot glue on the back of the star and put the fishing line through it. Put another decorated star over the glue. Do this until you have enough to create a banner.

Patriotic Banner

Hang it up and you are done! Simple, but patriotic enough for the holiday!

4th of July Parade Wands

Independence Day is seriously probably my very favorite holiday. I know that may seem strange, but I love the weather and all of the festivities that come along with the 4th of July. One of my favorite festivities is the parade! I don’t mind waking up early to get a spot and sitting by complete strangers. I love watching the firetrucks, BMX bikers, and high school bands go by. It has always been one of my favorite parts of the entire summer. I thought it would be fun to make some 4th of July parade wands to hold up during the parade to show our patriotism and celebrate!

4th of July parade wands from #DIY #tutorial #4thofjuly

 I was given a bunch of fabulous glitter products from American Crafts to play with and I knew that parade wands would be the perfect project for this stuff! I love how they turned out and I can’t wait to use them. Here is what you need to make your own…

American Crafts Glitter products

 *American Crafts glitter paper, stickers, tape, and glue


*Electronic cutter

*Hot glue

4th of July Glitter Decor

 First, I cut out stars using the electronic cutter. I cut out two different sizes of stars. Then I decorated each star a little differently using the stickers and tape.

Independence Day Parade Picks

Then I used hot glue to glue the starts onto the skewers. They were so easy to make! I am so excited for the 4th of July!

Be sure to like American Crafts on Facebook and follow them on Pinterest too!

I was compensated for this post by American Crafts, but all opinions are 100% mine.

Color Block Chalkboard Mason Jars

I am excited to show you the next project as part of the monthly DIY group I am in. This month, the challenge was mason jars! Be sure to go check out the other projects using mason jars too!


Find the other posts here and here.

For my mason jar project, I wanted to come up with something that was cute, but functional for me. I love an organized space, so what better way than to make the mason jars a way to organize my office supplies! I love the trend of color blocking right now and I really wanted to bring that aspect to them too. On top of it all, I decided to make them chalkboards too! I am obsessed with the clear chalkboard paint!

Color Block Chalkboard Mason Jars #diy #tutorial #craft #project

Here’s how I made these cute jars…

Chalkboard Mason Jars

You need…

*Mason Jars


*Clear Chalkboard Paint




First, paint half of your mason jar one color. After that has dried, tape off the second half of the jar and paint it another color. Using the clear chalkboard paint, paint the entire jar following the instructions on the label. Once it is dry, you can write on it with your chalk and get organized!

It is seriously the easiest project ever, but it adds so much to a space!

15 Fantastic Easter Ideas

It is almost Easter! I have loved seeing so many creative ideas to help celebrate the holiday. What a better way to celebrate, than with a great round up of some of my favorites!
I am blown away with the amount of creativity that I have seen and I can’t wait to share them with you!
Handwritten Hard Boiled Eggs
Now for some of my own…
Now go visit these projects and get creating! Happy Easter!

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Dollar Store Tulip Doily Garland

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Words can’t express how excited I am for Spring! Seeing buds forming on the trees and witnessing the snow slowly melt warms my heart! I can’t wait to be able to see green grass and beautiful spring flowers blooming! Unfortunately, in Idaho, those flowers don’t bloom until May usually. SO, I had to find a way to bring Spring flowers into my house to brighten things up! I made a paper tulip doily garland!
#spring #easter #decor #tutorial
I love how it looks when the light from the window shines through it! This is such an easy way to bring color into your home this season! It is really inexpensive and it only takes about 10 minutes too! Can’t go wrong there. To make one of your own you need…
#diy #tutorial #spring #easter #decor
*tulip paper doilies found at the dollar store
*twine or thread
#diy #tutorial #spring #easter #decor
Thread the twine through the holes in the tulips. Be sure to space them apart as far as you want them to be.
#diy #tutorial #easter #craft #spring
Flip each of the tulip doilies over and tape them to the twine.
#diy #tutorial #easter #decor #spring
Hang up your garland and enjoy! I told you it was easy! I love how bright it makes the room feel!

Easter Pom Pom Garland Dollar Store Craft

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Remember my Springster decor? Ya know? My Spring and Easter decorations? I love how it all turned out. All of the little details came together to make it my most favorite holiday decor! One of the little details that I love is the pom pom garland!
#spring #decoration #craft #easter
The best part? It doesn’t cost much to make and it takes only a few minutes to make! Here is what you need…
#easter #spring #pom #garland #craft #decor
*Pom Poms from the dollar store
*Bakers twine or thread
#spring #easter #craft #kid #classroom
Thread the needle. Poke the needle through the center of the pom pom and pull it down the thread/twine. Repeat this step over and over again until your garland is long enough.
#spring #easter #decor #craft
Hang up the garland and be sure that each of your pom poms are evenly spaced apart.
#decor #spring #easter #craft
I loooove how it turned out! They took me about 5 minutes to make too. You can do this easily while your baby is napping and still have time to take a bubble bath!


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Simple St. Patrick’s Day Headband Tutorial

I am excited to show you a super, simple way to bring some green into your outfit on St. Patrick’s Day, without overdoing it.
The best thing about this headband is that you can make it the morning of St. Patrick’s Day when you realize you have nothing to make you pinch proof! Another great thing, is that it isn’t permanent. You can easily use a headband you already love for this project and undo it after the holiday!

For this headband, you need…
#tutorial #diy #headband
*Tulle, ribbon, or fabric in 2 different colors of green
#diy #tutorial #st #patrick's #day
Cut your material into strips that are about 4-5 inches long.
#easy #tutorial #how #to
Tie your material in a knot around the headband.
#diy #tutorial #quick #easy #fast
Tie more of your material on the headband, alternating colors, until you have it as wide as you want it to be.
#tutorial #kid #craft #diy
Trim off excess material so that it isn’t all over the place.
#simple #easy #tutorial #diy
Bam! You are done! I told ya it was simple! It took me about 10 minutes to make and the tulle could be easily cut off after St. Patrick’s Day if you don’t want to rock the green all year. Although, you may want to think twice before you cut it off. Emerald green is the color of the year you know!
Have a great St. Patrick’s Day! Don’t get pinched!
I am a contributor for Craft-O-Maniac, where this tutorial was seen first.
I will be linking to the awesome link parties found here.

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