DIY Baby or Toddler Ugly Christmas Sweater

Now that Christmastime is upon us, so are all of the ugly Christmas sweater parties! We have one coming up soon and I wanted to be sure to have an ugly sweater for my daughter to wear. After looking at several stores, I realized that ugly sweaters just aren’t as common for babies and toddlers. I knew I was going to have to come up with my own version of an ugly Christmas sweater for her. The verdict? I think she will definitely be winning any sort of awards handed out for ugliest sweater!

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Now, I do realize this isn’t technically a sweater, but t shirts are much easier to be creative with so I think the judges at the family Christmas party will understand. I don’t know about you, but I think sweaters with cats on them are about the weirdest things ever, (Sorry if you are a cat lover!) so I knew I wanted to bring some sort of cat element into this shirt. I started brainstorming and I have to say, I am pretty impressed with my work! I think that creating something ugly on purpose may actually be more fun that creating something beautiful! It was kind of therapeutic to make this! I say, come up with your own design and just run with it! If you mess up, it adds to the “beauty” of the ugly sweater.

To make your own, you need…


*Iron on vinyl. I ended up using 5 different colors for mine.

*Plain white long sleeved shirt

*Vinyl cutter


*(optional) Other items you want to glue on to bring the ugliness to another level.


First, you want to design your project within your vinyl cutting software. Remember that if you are cutting out letters, you need to flip the letters so they cut onto the vinyl backwards. This will make it so the letters are the right way when you iron them on.


Cut out each individual layer onto the different pieces of vinyl. Place the piece of vinyl that will be on the bottom on your shirt first and iron it on. Press firmly and hold onto each spot for roughly 30 seconds.



Keep layering each of your vinyl pieces one by one and ironing them on as you go. Do this until you have ironed on all of your vinyl. It is fun to see the “sweater” start to come together piece by piece.

Toddler Ugly Christmas Sweater How To

Now, at this point I thought of stopping, but I was worried that people wouldn’t realize that I was trying to be funny and it is supposed to be ugly. I didn’t want anyone to think that I was putting this on my child because I thought it was cute! This shirt was just looking too cute with only the vinyl. I use the term “cute” fairly lightly here. That is when the bedazzling started happening…

How to make a DIY Ugly Christmas sweater

I used a Tulip heat tool to put the gems on and then just glued the Christmas light ribbon on with fabric glue. I think that added just enough to the shirt to take it from semi cute, to full on ugly sweater goodness!

Do you like the ugly sweater trend? How many ugly Christmas sweater parties have you attended this year?

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