DIY Halloween Costume: Progressive Insurance Flo

 Two years ago, I made my favorite Halloween costume.
Flo from Progressive Insurance.
Pardon the not so pretty pictures. I didn’t plan on sharing it originally, but in the spirit of Halloween, I thought I would share my favorite Halloween costume. It is also the easiest costume to make too!
Here’s what you need…
White apron
Blue ribbon
Blue iron on vinyl or printable iron on transfer
Blank button, sticker paper, or regular paper for button
Paper for name tag
Red lipstick
Liquid eyeliner
White shirt
1. Print off the Progressive Insurance logo onto the printable iron on transfer paper or cut out Progressive logo on blue vinyl.
2. Iron logo onto the top of the apron.
3. Print out I (heart) insurance onto a paper or sticker. Cut into a circle and either put it in a button, or tape onto the apron.
4. Print off name tag with the name Flo written on it and blue and red stripes above it. Tape onto the apron.
5. Tie a blue ribbon around in your hair, give yourself a little flip at the bottom and a big poof on the top.
6. Wear a white shirt under the apron.
7. Wear red lipstick, dramatic cat eye eyeliner, and mascara.
Now go get your Flo on! This costume was a total hit. Have a Happy Halloween!
Progressive Insurance has seen how popular Flo is for a Halloween costume and has added a page to their website with tips for dressing like Flo! Check out their tips here!